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I had such a wonderful experience with Pia! She is very gentle and intuitive and has lead me to see things that I haven’t seen with such clarity before. It was also beautiful to witness all the synchronicities that followed our session the days after. I felt that the energy work she has done was very powerful and effective, to open and shift the areas in my life that I wanted to focus on. Pia will feel you and deliver accordingly to what you are ready for.
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Loved my Akashic reading, great guidance in what I probably needed to hear and understand. I would do another session.
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Trish Leiby
My session with Timothy was great. It was my first time having a body scan done and it was very interesting providing some insightful information. Timothy was very kind and a pleasure to work with.
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I had my first ever Reiki session with Kerri. I didn't know what to expect. Kerri's energy is warm and soothing, so I immediately felt at ease. I had some issues in mind and she guided me to set my intention. It was a thoroughly amazing experience, from her warmth and kindness to the sensations and relaxation during the session and the lightness and lasting energy lift I experienced as a result. Kerri is a skilled intuitive practitioner and a wonderful human being. I will work with her again. I would recommend her to anyone without hesitation -- whether they have done Reiki before or not.
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Darci Menard
My session with Sue was excellent. After speaking with one another she connected energetically with myself and spirit. Sue explained to me the blockages she was seeing within my chakras and where and what the reasons were for my blockages. When Sue spoke to me concerning something I have been working through for several years - I had a complete ah-ha moment! We talked about it for a few moments , then she released this and did some realignment with other energies she was receiving messages about suggested that I schedule a full Reiki session (which I did) I am very grateful for this session with Sue and would completely recommend Om Heals and Sue. There are several practitioners to select from Sue was one of three who I was matched with - grateful for this gift 🙏💜 A very special Thank you to Jennifer for everything 🙏💜
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Tania was very kind and provided a wonderful energy healing. She explained the process at the start and once she began she quiet most of the session, but I felt warmth, pressure and sensations throughout the session. Tania shared what she saw and felt during the energy healing at the ended which closed the time out nicely. I really enjoyed working with Tania.

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