Pia is a true embodiment of peace. She has been following her heart and soul for almost a decade now and is always surprised by the magic and wonders of this spiritual journey when you fully trust and surrender to the Divine.

Trusting her soul’s calling she's left Germany and moved to Iceland, the magical and mysterious land of fire and ice.

Pia is highly intuitive and uses this gift and other abilities in all her offerings such as KES - Krystic Energy System - sessions (1:1 and group wholings), remote healing/ wholing sessions, transmissions, personal change facilitation, workshops & multi-dimensional art to assist others to remember their true self.

She has been truly mastering a lot of challenges/ opportunities with ease and grace and loves to share her soul's wisdom on how to navigate through these transformative times. Holding space, being infinitely compassionate and fully led by her Higher Self, she is able to offer deep healing and transformation.

Pia's Sessions:

KES - Krystic Energy System: session (1:1): The Krystic Energy System is a complete system of full body healing, miracle manifestation, and ascension that uses celestial healing/wholing technology that connects me to the Cosmic, Galactic, Solar, Earth fields of consciousness and specific frequency bandwidths. This allows me to go well beyond the context of healing the body, mind organism, it goes beyond the healing of the soul and surpasses even the soul levels of experience, which is where only a small portion of the totality of the Experiential Journey takes place. It was designed for you to experience an elevation in your beingness, a connection of purpose, a peace and acceleration of your soul’s mission that you have never before known. In the beginning we will discuss what you wish to receive a healing for and then proceed with the energy work.  60-90 Minutes: $222

White Lotus Remote Wholing: This technology came to me as a divine gift to assist others on their healing/wholing journey. In a remote wholing session the recipient gets to lay or sit down and receive exactly what is in their highest and best good of all. A session takes about 22min. Anything can be addressed. 22 Minutes: $55

Personal Change Facilitation Session: Using my skills as a personal change facilitator by asking profound questions will take you deep. Choose this option if you wish to release your stories quickly and lay the foundation for what you truly desire. All my offerings come from my pure heart and will always be in the highest good for all. I look forward to assist you in the best way possible. 90 Minutes: $234

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60-90 Minute Krystic Energy System: $222 USD22 Minute White Lotus Remote Wholing: $55 USD90 Minute Personal Change Facilitation: $234 USD