Pia is a true embodiment of peace. She has been following her heart and soul consciously for a decade now and is always surprised by the magic and wonders of this spiritual journey when you fully trust and surrender to the Divine.

Trusting her soul's calling she's left Germany and moved to Iceland, the magical and mysterious land of fire and ice to be fully of service to the Divine.

Pia is highly intuitive and uses her psychic abilities and her soul's wisdom in all of her offerings as a mentor, teacher, healer, artist and creator of multi-dimensional art. As a certified Krystic Energy Server she has the mastery and ability to bring forth the highest frequencies possible using the Krystic Energy System® (KES) which allows her to perform profound 1:1 & group healings and land & home clearings to support Gaia’s ascension.

In selfless service and with all her life experiences, her knowledge, wisdom and all the classes and courses she’s taken so far she is able to hold a very powerful, pure, loving and compassionate container for the client/ receiver to receive great healing on all levels and layers of their field. Her healing sessions are beyond understanding and assist in changing someone’s trajectory onto an ascending spiral.

She’s been truly mastering a lot of challenges/ opportunities with ease and grace and loves to share how to navigate through these transformative times with her 1:1 mentoring, 1:1 and group KES healing sessions, remote healings and art workshops with the focus on healing childhood traumas and relationships. Intuitively guided she will take you to other lifetimes, past memory points in this lifetime or offer a family constellation to reveal repetitive patterns if needed.

What a joy to share my gifts. Love all, Serve all.


Reviews for this practitioner:

I had such a wonderful experience with Pia! She is very gentle and intuitive and has lead me to see things that I haven’t seen with such clarity before. It was also beautiful to witness all the synchronicities that followed our session the days after. I felt that the energy work she has done was very powerful and effective, to open and shift the areas in my life that I wanted to focus on. Pia will feel you and deliver accordingly to what you are ready for.
July 19, 2023
Ashley Lugo
My session with Pia was so profound. The way she held space and nourished my soul during our time was so replenishing. I thoroughly enjoyed our time together. The clearing was so helpful I felt a sense of “freeing”. I highly recommend her!
November 16, 2022
I had the great fortune of receiving a Krystic Energy Healing session from Pia recently. Her gentle and loving presence made me feel immediately comfortable and relaxed. She asked for my intention and carefully explained what to expect during the session. The session then began, and almost immediately I noticed an unusual amount of energy in my head and throughout the body. I could feel the energy moving and shifting as she worked. Since our session, I have felt a lifting of heaviness in my chest, more energy and creativity generally. I had felt in a stagnant energetic place prior to our session. I really feel that this work with Pia has shifted my energy in many positive ways and is resulting in more clients booking sessions and new opportunities opening up. I sincerely feel that Pia is a gifted energy healer and I highly recommend sessions with her!
July 18, 2022

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