What is Energy Medicine? 
Nobel prize-winning biochemist scientist Albert Szent-Gyorgi said “In every culture and in every medical tradition before ours, healing was accomplished by moving energy.” Quantum physics reveals that we are 99.9999% energy and only .00001% physical matter. When we flow, move and release blocked energies we hold, our mind, body and soul return to its natural state of well being.

What is the Om Heals platform? 
Om Heals custom matches energy practitioners and users around the world who are seeking energy medicine to support your mind, body and soul. All sessions between the practitioners and users are held remotely: via Zoom, call, email or text.

How does Om Heals match you with energy practitioners? 
We want to provide the best healing session for you possible, so Om Heals developed an in-house, proprietary matchmaking algorithm to pair you with 3 practitioners who best suit your needs.

We determine your best practitioner matches by asking you a set of questions that help us determine your energetic blueprint, which is then used to match you with the practitioners who have compatible energetic blueprints. This matchmaking process allows your session with the practitioner to be optimized, in which you can be receptive to the healing and the practitioner can easily guide you to your healing.*

*Please note that all healing is self-healing and the practitioner is present to hold a safe space and guide you to your own self-healing.

How does Om Heals vet our practitioners? 
We understand your desire for quality practitioners, so one of our team members interviews and does a session with each potential practitioner before they can join our platform.  All practitioners have their own professional trainings and certificates, which are listed on their individual bio page.  We also provide monthly trainings to our practitioners who join our platform.

What happens after you get matched with the practitioners? 
After you answer our set of questions on our website to determine your energetic blueprint, we then custom match you with 3 practitioners and send you those matches via email.

The email will include: 1) A brief description of your energetic blueprint and the areas for your own personal growth, 2) Why you match with the 3 practitioners we recommended, and 3) Descriptions of the practitioners, their modalities and sessions, 4) A picture of the practitioner and links to their bio pages.

What happens after you book a session with a practitioner? 
After you book a session with a practitioner, we will introduce you to the practitioner within 24 hours of your purchase, so you can schedule your session.  We ensure that the practitioner will respond in a timely manner.

After the session with the practitioner is complete, we will ask you to review the practitioner.  This review can be posted on the practitioner bio page for public viewing.

If you have any additional questions about Om Heals’ services, please email us at useromheals@gmail.com.

The Science Behind Energy Medicine by Dr. Helane Wahbeh