I wear many hats in this life. I am an Artist, a Registered Nurse, a Yoga Teacher, Crystal Worker, and a Self-Taught Herbalist among many other things. I wasn't always into "woowoo" things like Reiki, in fact I scoffed at Reiki the first time I heard about it. But in hindsight, I simply wasn't ready for it. Now, I couldn't imagine my life without it, funny how life works sometimes!

I have taken many Reiki trainings (Usui Shiki Ryoho) and I have found that each teacher has their own experiences that shape what and how they teach, and by taking courses from multiple teachers I have been able to expand my knowledge base and tool box. I always seek to continue to be a student as learning is essential to growth. I have been fortunate to be in locations where these teachers were available to me to learn in-person. ​

I keep growing and expanding my tool box to help people like you. Everyone, including myself, has needed the help of someone else in their life and I am here to help you if you are ready for it. 

Licenses & Certificates:

Usui Reiki 1-3 (May-Sept) 2015

Usui Reiki 2-3 (May-June) 2017

ART- Advanced Reiki Therapist 2021


Reiki Healing Attunement- $55 This is a short but intense session where I focus on sending energy to a specific issue (physical, mental, or emotional) and you focus on receiving the healing energy for that specific thing. Together we work to heal/bring peace to this issue. You can share the issue/intention with me but it is not necessary. This session lasts 20-30 mins. I am guided by my intuition as to what your body/mind/spirit is willing to receive at the time of our appointment. It is best to schedule this session for a time that you can be fully present.

Distance Crystal Reiki -$88 Reiki energy is not confined by space like solid matter objects are. Because of this, a person can receive Reiki anywhere they are, if they are open to receiving it. Distance Crystal Reiki is usually about a 35-50 minute session and sometimes longer, as I am guided by my intuition as to what your body/mind/spirit is willing to receive at the time of our appointment. The combination of crystal energy, color energy, and Reiki make for a beneficial session to help you on your healing journey.

**There are two ways we can arrange our session. After we agree on a date and time you can decide if you only want a text or voice message setting you up for the session and notifying you of the start, finish, and any post discussion. I have a number of clients this works well for since you can be totally comfortable without having to be physically seen. If you prefer, we can also meet by Zoom, Skype, or google meet. I will send you a link for our agreed upon day/time. We will briefly talk, then I will guide you into the session and we can talk again post session. If you prefer I can play some appropriate music through our connection. If we meet by phone (text or voice message) I will intuitively pick the best crystals for your healing session, and will send you a photo after the session is done. If we meet by Zoom, you will be able to pick any stones you are drawn to for your session. In both cases I will confirm with you via text several hours before on the day of our session. Ideally, during our session you will have your eyes closed/relaxed and there is nothing for you to watch or be alert for during the actual session so feel free to pick the meeting style that works best for you. Zoom sessions do max out at 45 minutes, so please keep this in mind if that is your preferred way to connect.  

Reviews for this practitioner:

My Reiki session with Keri was amazing! I had no idea what to expect, so I was open to anything. I experienced some tingling, but the best part was that when I thought about a person I had been having some conflict with, I just smiled. All tension around this was gone. This was followed by an overwhelming feeling of love. There was so much love around me, and I could feel it. As I relaxed into this feeling, I felt the love spreading out from me until it filled the entire universe. This was such an incredible feeling! I highly recommend this loving experience.
March 13, 2023

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Reiki Healing Attunement- $55Distance Crystal Reiki -$88