Wendy is passionate about devoting her life to service to healing and to making love matter. For decades she’s helped individuals, groups, families, organizations, and companies live and create their best lives. She lives in Florida, US.

Her background as a Kundalini Yoga Teacher, I Am Yoga Nidra Teacher, Reiki Master, Communications Consultant, Integrative Medicine Practice Administrator, Certified Raw Food Chef and more creates a unique blend of experience that creates a safe space for people to heal physically, emotionally, spiritually and intellectually. Wendy is honored to work with a beautifully diverse group of people from all over the world who want to raise their vibration to make their lives better not only for themselves but for all of humanity. When she’s not working you can find her out in nature usually with horses and where the mountains meet the sea.


Reviews for this practitioner:

Mastery of Open Heart Medicine ! My session with Wendy was of beautiful gentleness and loving care and growth. Wendy´s so finely tuned sensitivity to vibrations, combined with her clear akin and masterful, empowered intuition, will bring you back into the warmth of the truth of your Heart no matter what situation you are facing at the moment, and will open up spaces for you you may need guidance to piece all together. Heart´s wisdom defies mind´s logic, and this is precisely what Wendy is a master at : realigning every situations, feelings, challenges you may face with the wisdom of your true Heart, elevating and harmonizing your vibration and assisting in unlocking pathways for you to move forward in Love, with Grace, Honesty, Authenticity and Self - Empowerment. Wendy´s energy is soft, gentle, ground - breaking and powerful all at once. Her lightening touch will help you move through the harder pieces, and will stay with you until you are set into your new skin. Wendy holds the capacity to welcome the most various constellations in her healing space, and I would encourage every and any one to surrender to her generous, insightful and loving guidance : who ever you are, wherever you are in your journey, and whatever you are facing, you can trust that you will be seen, heard, touched and transformed when gifting yourself the opportunity to receive Wendy´s alchemizing and healing touch.
July 24, 2022
I had the honor of receiving long distance Reiki from Wendy and let me just start by saying, she is truly dedicated to the Work. Communication was effortless and her ability to really share the energetic experience is amazing. She helped clear energies from areas that I’ve needed but couldn’t necessarily do myself in great details and pin point accuracy. Her Light shines so bright that everything she described, I felt and automatically and knew it was her helping clear me out. I highly recommend any of the services offered as they will help unlock aspects of YOU that are needed in our transitional periods. Thank you again Wendy 🙏🏾
June 20, 2022
Wendy is a master at bringing clarity into your life. Her session reveals skills and gifts that reflect deep personal and spiritual growth and years of experience. Her special gift enables her to perceive your soul mission and help you find alignment with your highest choices for your soul path. I am a healer with years of experience, and I have worked with extraordinary healers. I have to say that Wendy's gift in this area is unique and gives her the ability to see your soul path in when it may not be clear to you. I highly recommend a session with Wendy to guide your next best steps to live your soul purpose.
May 28, 2022
Wendy is just amazing - the variety of energy therapies she can do makes sure you're covered for whatever you need. I've done several and they've all been so, so helpful. I literally refer all my friends to her!
May 13, 2022

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