Vlada is a Spiritual Guide, Meditation Teacher, and Intuitive Energy Healer and lives in Portugal. She is devoted to her spiritual evolution and wholeheartedly dedicated to serving the world through her healing offerings. In her late 20s, she founded a boutique meditation retreat brand that is transforming people’s life since 2016. Until this day, Vlada is guiding her students by the hand on the journey of healing and spiritual self-realization through ancient spiritual wisdom, meditation, and energy work.

Vlada’s intuitively channeled meditation journeys offer deep healing to the soul and mind, and her ability to read energy and spirit anatomy makes her sessions and mentorships truly life-changing. Vlada made her lifelong purpose bringing people closer to the realization of their divinity and internal abundance – in an all-inclusive embodied form that she, so brightly, emanates.

Healing is the process that we never knew we have to go through and usually would be considered as something weird and scary. In reality, healing is the path to our best selves, and as a result liberation from all the sufferings. Energy medicine is changing the lives of thousands of people everyday and can change yours as well.

Vlada’s Session:

What is possible during one session can replace years of therapy. During the process, you begin to heal unhealthy subconscious patterns, close energetic contracts, and karma with others, and see what truly might have been blocking you from success. This work allows everyone to gain a deep spiritual understanding of life and see the next steps for personal evolution and expansion.

As we tap into the wisdom of our spiritual self, we begin to discover the right answers. Through the exploration of energy, you can decipher the symptoms of the physical body and clear unwanted patterns and negative energies to realign yourself with ultimate energetic well being.

A clear signal to look at your energy can be found in illnesses, lack of energy, feeling stuck, or depressed. The energetic clearing is liberating from karmic connections, addictions, manipulations, and limiting control. It assists in finding the freedom to return to your authentic and unique vibration to focus, concentrate and make decisions from your highest truth.

Receiving an energy reading is a revealing and enlightening experience that will awaken you to see yourself and your life from the Dimension of Spirit. It is the key to unlocking your extraordinariness, your unique essence and reaching out to higher possibilities of your expression.

As you clear out foreign energy and excess weight of low vibrations you start to get a sense of spiritual liberation and inner purity. When it comes to the ultimate self-care, clearing of the energetic body is the most profound way to maintain good health and an elevated state of being. When your field is clear from negative vibrations you attract only beauty and love in your life.

Soul reviving gentle treatment will return you to a state of pure internal bliss. Energy healing medicine has access to the most subtle parts of your system that needs mending, love, and care. Through the healing of the energy body, we enable our system to find balance and realign for ultimate physical, emotional and mental wellness.

Reviews for this practitioner:

Vlada was great. I hadn't worked with a practitioner who heals energetic contracts and soul-level dynamics before. She really tapped into the major issues I've been working on (without me saying anything about them) and gave me some useful perspectives about how to improve them. It was quite an eye-opening experience! I will definitely book again.
April 21, 2022
Vlada helped me so much. her energy is loving and kind, i felt so supported and connected with her. she helped me to get into alignment with what i needed and for that i am forever grateful.
February 18, 2022

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