My Journey as Ascension Healer

My Ascension Healings and meditation practice is offered with progressive levels and layers that take into account your current readiness and previous personal development work.

My work signature healing techniques are unique. I work with the source (Christ Consciousnesses) can be viewed as the highest state of emotional and intellectual maturity.

My life’s work is to guide you toward Ascension,, awareness, wellness and infinite creation of health, harmony and enlightenment for all mankind.

What are Ascension Healings?

The teachings of Christ Consciousness have been interpreted in many different ways. Each attunement with me will lead you into your Ascension into your light body. You will tap into your own unique vibration that has a specific set of sub frequencies to match your soil.

About the Ascension Process

The Ascension process means that we evolve from the old into a new way of being one that not only serves our lives but also that universe and all that is.

The Ascension process happens and is happening to all right now in this life time and what I have found is that those who are playing an active part in the ascension process  are thriving in life and are much more content fulfilled and and a vibrating at higher realms.

If we can maintain health in both areas we will see a rise in both our physical and mental health.

Ascension Healing Package

$150-Duration 60 Minutes

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$150-Duration 60 Minutes