Tina has been working in the areas of Personality Analysis,Numerology, Stress Management and Personal development for over 20 years. She has learned the methods of recognizing one’s personality and potential from different teachers and masters around the world. During this time, she has lived and worked with individuals in countries including Singapore, NewZealand, Australia, USA, China, Croatia and Slovenia. After 10 years of traveling while working she currently resides in her home country Slovenia.


Through PERSONALITY ANALYSIS she is helping individuals to:

- Discover and develop their potentials and purpose,

- Recognize and over come challenges, and through it

- Reaching greater peace, more fulfillment and success in life.


Our name and birthday carry lots of information about us and they affect our behavior, success, and relationships. We all carry different potentials and challenges. Tina believes that knowing what they are and taking action towards that... is a big step in reaching peace, happiness, and fulfillment in life.  


This is a 2-hour numerology analysis based on your name and birthday.

During the analysis we look in detail into all areas of your life: work & money, relationships & love, heath &well-being. You get answers to the questions: What is your purpose in life?What brings you fulfillment and happiness? How to be more successful and fulfilled in your relationships? What is the work and career that suits you best? What brings you financial success? We look at how you can use your potentials to create a fulfilling life, what your challenges are and how to overcome them.

You receive audio recording of the analysis afterwards, which is recommended to be listened to at least once a year, as it serves as a guidance for years ahead.



This 30-minute numerology analysis focuses on one of the chosen areas of your life. We look into where your potentials and challenges are in the chosen area, and what you can do to improve it. Themes you can choose from are: Work & Money, Relationships& Love, Heath & Well-being, Compatibility Analysis (we check your compatibility with the person of your choosing, and you receive guidance on how to improve the relationship), Child Analysis (helps you understand your child better and support them in developing their potentials), New Name(helps you choose most suitable name for your child or your company).



During this 1-hour session you get clarity and guidance on specific challenge you might be facing, and how to approach it based on your potentials and life purpose (seen through your name and birthday). Following sessions are arranged based on individual needs, to guide your from a challenge to clarity and a solution.

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