Timothy entered the energy healing space following a twenty-five-year career as a physician assistant.  Free of the “healthcare provider” label (and all that entails), he quickly found he could help others in ways he never imagined.Residing in New Jersey, Timothy combines his finely-tuned attention to detail with his innate ability to be fully present in a body scan that helps you better understand your current state of health.Becoming a Reiki Master in 2015 opened the door to Timothy’s energy healing abilities.Timothy holds a BS in Health Science (recipient of his PA school’s 1994 Award for Clinical Excellence) and a BA in English.  A retired physician assistant, Timothy provided care to thousands of patients, honing his empathic skills along the way.  He completed a 3-year mentorship program with International Medium Joseph Shiel in 2018 and has been a featured medium with NJ Psychic Dinners.

30 minute targeted healing session

  • Recommended for clients with specific symptoms or known diagnoses.  $75

60 minute partial to full body scan (as time allows) with targeted healing.

  • Recommended for clients with one or two undiagnosed health concerns. $125

90 minute full body scan with targeted healing  

  • Recommended for clients with one or two undiagnosed health concerns who also want a full head-toe assessment. $205

Sessions are conducted on Zoom or by telephone.

Reviews for this practitioner:

It was great having a session with Timothy. He discovered everything that I was aware of in my body and other things that I wasn't aware of. It was extremely easy to work with Timothy and I'm looking forward to improved health.
August 25, 2022
Timothy radiates kindness and I was blown away by my experience with him. He scanned my entire body systems remotely, accessing them via connecting with my energy and assessed them both physically as well as energetically. Not only was what he sensed spot on (for example he sensed that my left eye was weaker than my right eye, which is true, I have had blurry vision on the left eye for the last two years, also he sensed that my bladder was smaller and that likely meant I had to use the bathroom much more than other people, which is accurate), but he also implemented some healing during the session, the effect of which I felt the night after he worked on me. I have been dealing with lower back pain for about two weeks now, especially during night time, when it would wake me up. Not so last night, I had no more pain and blissfully slept through. He also sensed some spiritual things and recent developments that no one else could have possibly known about. It was an amazing experience and I look forward to my next session with Timothy.
August 20, 2022
I walked in with a clean slate, not expecting anything except a new experience. Right from the beginning, I felt extremely at ease and it was very much in the flow to let my guard down, and be open to the experience. I was startled at how in-depth the scan Timothy performed was, and moreso at the accuracy of his perception. Yet the true coup de grace was his ability to go into each organ or system, and substantially release aches, inflammation and blockages. Truly remarkable experience, from a remarkably gifted individual.
August 14, 2022

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30 minute targeted healing session60 minute partial to full body scan (as time allows) with targeted healing90 minute full body scan with targeted healing