Hello Dear One, my name is Tara and I live in California, US. My mission is to support those who desire to be more embodied and live the life of their dreams. I am an intuitive guide and help people become their own healers by teaching them how to connect with the past, present, and future versions of themselves. Studying the oral traditions of the Mystic Kabbalah, breathwork, meditation, and inner child healing, along with my university education in child development and counseling, I developed a framework that supports people in uncovering the foundations of who they are, to live a more aligned and embodied life.Through the use of visualization, guided meditation, music, and breath, I help you connect with a past version of yourself to release and rewrite a story that is hindering you. On the other end of the spectrum, I help those who are looking for guidance, tap into the wealth of knowledge from the future you who has already done it. Each session is individualized and specific to you.

Tara's Sessions:

Shadow Walking: is the ability to walk between the shadow and light. With a mixture of breathwork, guided meditation, and music, I walk with you through the darkness to heal past wounds. With the support of my guides, the Divine, and other energy from the spirit (as well as your spirit team), I facilitate a healing session that is individualized to you. 60 Minutes - $195

Future Self Meditation: is collapsing timelines and connecting to the wisdom of the future you. In this session, I guide you through a meditation that connects you to your future self, where you are able to receive clarity from the you who has already achieved what you desire. 30 minutes - $75

Customized Meditation: is a personalized and intuitive meditation based on your needs. Whether it is a reduction in stress, worry, and overwhelm or an increase in peace, ease, and abundance, I create and tailor a guided meditation based on what would best serve you. 30 minutes - $75

Reviews for this practitioner:

Tara has the gift of a gentle and reassuring voice that awakened my imagination while I was in a very relaxed state of being. She guided me through a lovely meditative connection with my inner child and my future self. She then prompted questions and allowed time for the messages to come through to me. I enjoyed our time together and highly recommend her sessions
May 31, 2022

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60 Minute Shadow Walking: $195 USD30 Minute Future Self Meditation: $75 USD30 Minute Customized Meditation: $75 USD