Greetings beautiful, my name is Tania. I am originally from Tasmania, Australia and now live in Tennessee, US. I have almost 20 years experience as an energy healer, spiritual guide and meditation teacher with a 5 year teacher certification in Tibetan Soul Healing and 4 certifications in Hypnosis. I serve a diverse international clientele, as well as students in my 3 year program who are dedicated to becoming healers themselves, and came to this work through living my dream as a successful touring and studio musician. I am now the founder of an organization dedicated to the healing arts and my mission is to help empower YOU to follow your bliss and manifest your dreams. I do this through ancient healing techniques, meditation, and energy work, which helps to eliminate pain, raise your frequency and expand your consciousness into a world of beauty, love and compassion.

Intuitive Reading - 60 mins - $150: A reading with me is a form of spiritual guidance. I use clairvoyance and the tarot to help you understand the energetic pathways that are influencing your life at this time and help bring areas of concern back into balance as well as give you insights into situations you might not be aware of yet.

Tibetan Soul Healing - 60 mins - $150: This session offers deep and profound soul healing, clearing blockages of unresolved physical, mental and emotional pain. It also strengthens the energy field allowing for major spiritual growth and the expansion of consciousness, while assisting a wide variety of physical illness and emotional issues, especially if you choose to work with me over a period of time. The goal being to help you find lasting happiness and well being.

Past Life Session - 60 min - $150: Did you ever feel drawn to a place you know nothing about, or have just met someone and felt like you have known them forever? This can be a strong past life connection. In this session I will lead you through a simple meditation in which you can recall a past life. You will be able to see and explain what you are experiencing and we will move through the lifetime together, with me guiding you and asking questions to assist you in interpreting what is happening. This will help you understand your current life on a deeper level.

Life Map Healing w/ 4 weeks Dream Mentoring - 120 mins - $950: Using a series of questions we go through an in depth review or “life map” which shows me where you’ve been, where you are and where you want to go. Then using hypnosis, energy work and creative visualization this transformational intensive helps you to resolve childhood wounds and dissolve or reframe outdated beliefs in order to move forward towards your goals with a new creative vision. I’ll also help you connect more deeply with your intuition and give you manifestation tools such as my recorded meditations and affirmations, to help keep you on track. The initial session is 120 mins with four 60 min weekly coaching sessions.

Reviews for this practitioner:

I found Tania to be very personable and authentic. Her chanting voice was warm and comforting. The grounding I felt in body and mind from a session with Tania was profound. 5 stars.
May 24, 2022
Tania is an incredible healer with an ability to tap into the areas that need healing the most. Through her session, I experienced waves of healing energy, warmth, and a clearing to my body and mind that moved me beyond where I felt stuck previously. She also mentioned several key points after the session that helped me to understand my experience on a deeper level. I would highly recommend her for any of your deeper healing needs!
May 24, 2022
Tania is a powerful and uplifting healer. From the first moment of the session to the last, my body felt like it was vibrating with light. I was relaxed and energized at the same time, and that experience lasted for a long time afterward. It was a fantastic experience and I highly recommend her services.
February 18, 2022

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60 Minute Tibetan Energy Healing or Intuitive Consultation or Past Life Regression: $150 USD120 Minute of Life Map Healing w/ 4 Weeks of Dream Mentoring: $950 USD