Described as the “female Deepak Chopra,” Suki is a spiritual coach, multi-passionate entrepreneur, and best-selling author. She leads workshops and offers one-on-one coaching and group coaching programs to encourage spiritual seekers to tune in, elevate, and live a magical life. She lives in Florida, US.

She focuses on Angelic and chakra healing, ancestral healing, intuitive sessions, and business coaching for visionaries, intuitives and Lightworkers from all over the world. Suki is the creator of The Found My Light community, and Lightworkers Rise Up. Her podcast, “Soul Guided with Sookton,” inspires you to unlearn the fear and listen to your soul.

Suki channels from the angels and Goddesses and particularly loves to work with high-vibe, intuitive, heart-centered women to empower them to fully step into their purpose.

Services Suki offers:

Energy Activation Session: Activations are energy UPGRADES and healings. We can activate your body, your soul, your business or your money game. We can also activate your love life. This is a powerful session!

Past Life Reading: Get a glimpse into your past life in this energetic session. We will travel back to find out the past life that is currently affecting your life and then do some energetic releases to let this go.

Intuitive Guidance Session: Want to know what your immediate future holds? Better understand a certain event or circumstance? In this session you will receive more specific intuitive guidance from Suki which may include oracle cards, mediumship or other spiritual tools.

Motherline Healing: Your healing has a lot to do with the relationship with your mother. What many people do not know is that your mother’s ancestral line may be the root of your problems in this life. In this session we go down your mother’s line and send energetic clearance. You will feel a shift in yourself and your relationship with your mother and a realization of your human blocks.

Brand Clarity Session: With divine guidance let's take a BIG VISION look at your business, goals, love life, energy, or spiritual blocks.

Money Magnetism Session: It’s time to acknowledge your money wounds so as to find healing. Often our money wounds come from childhood and lessons we have been taught about money, value, exchange, and business transactions. In this session you will leave having acknowledged the wounds and with a game plan to start bringing money, love and abundance into your life.

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