Stel is a wellness coach and energy healer from Melbourne, Australia. She is a certified yoga teacher, a writer and a podcaster specializing in spiritual, emotional and holistic healing.Through her extensive training in the healing modalities, EFT tapping and cognitive behavioural therapy, she can effectively help people to heal their relationship with food, remove negative energy from their bodies, improve their self-confidence and better manage stress.

Her company helps women to heal their relationship with food and with themselves. When she is not facilitating healings, she hosts the "Beyond overeating by wholesome lifestyle project" podcast, and is a published author of the Amazon #1 bestseller "Reclaim your inner goddess"Her aim is to work with clients on an energetic level, so that they can release old, hurtful and negative emotions that are stored in the body, affecting their thoughts and feelings about themselves.

Intuitive Energy healing ($169 ) Intuitive Energy healing is a holistic practice that activates the body's subtle energy systems to remove blocks. By breaking through these energetic blocks I can help you to free yourself from that uneasy feeling of stress or pain while improving your self-confidence and better managing your stress. We can focus on a specific area of your life that you wish to improve, and I will help you to clear away any negative energy. (1.5 hour via zoom)

Guidance and healing ($150) DO YOU...Feel like you lack support or guidance? Does your life feel more of a struggle than a journey? Do you wonder what's holding you back? Are you looking for inspiration to get started? Have you considered coaching but want to start small?If so... You've come to the right place.Online Guidance & Healing sessions incorporate coaching and various healing modalities, including a card reading, energy healing & a guided meditation. (1.5 hours via zoom)

Food Freedom Coaching ($95) Receive personalized guidance on how to cultivate a healthy relationship with food and your body. This is for busy women who want to learn the techniques to end the fight with food and discover body confidence once and for all.

  • Say goodbye to out-of-control feelings around food.
  • Stop thinking about food ALL. THE. TIME.
  • Eating when you're hungry & losing interest in food when full
  • Feeling radiant and confident knowing you are far more than your body  (1 hour via zoom)

Reviews for this practitioner:

Deeply nourishing online healing session with the beautiful Estelle! We had such a wonderful connection and the time together was so worthwhile. I really felt the relief physically during the online session and found Estelle a truly calm gifted practitioner who provides an intimate caring space for healing. I recommend her to you should you also feel the need for both physical relief and an energetic reset.
February 27, 2023

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Intuitive Energy healing: $169Guidance and healing: $150Food Freedom Coaching ($95)