I started my healer’s journey with Spiritual healing. I have been an Energy healer for the past 15 years along with being a practitioner of Yoga and Naturopathy. My daily routine consists of yoga, meditation and prayer.

I am a certified Body Code and Emotion Code practitioner.  I acquired an intimate knowledge of the working with Body Code and Emotion Code systems. I have been helping clients across the world with various physical, emotional and inter-personal issues.  I am adept at removing heart-walls and also in enhancing Abundance and empoweringRelationships.

I am also an advanced practitioner of SpiritualResponse Therapy (SRT) and help in clearing of Akashic Records, Past Lives andInner Child blocks. I also work on persistent ancestral issues by working on the Family Tree.

I also practice other modalities of healing as well such as Spiritual healing, Chakra healing, Mandala healing, healing with Affirmations, and Bach Flower Therapy.

As an energy intuitive, I have had good success in releasing – anxiousness, sadness, fear, trauma, sleep related issues, poor focus, and the feeling of being imbalanced or stressed. I have worked extensively with people with addictions, pain, anxiety, panic and have obtained excellent results.

I also work with pets.  

FreeFree consultation to match the healing modality with your specific issues

Body Code/ Emotion Code session $100 This session will consist of body code and emotion code. Unprocessed trauma can cause both emotional issues or physical ailments. Pains, misalignments, physical circuitry imbalances, accumulation of toxins, offensive energies or nutrition imbalances impact the physical body. Deep rooted emotions such as sadness, fear, anxiety can cause relationship problems.  In this technique, I clear the root cause underlying these issues thereby helping restore well-being.Each Session is a duration of 60 minutes

Inner Child  Session $80 Inner thought patterns created in womb or early years may develop into a dysfunctional approach to work and life situations.  During Inner Child session these patterns are identified and cleared. Depending on the nature of issues, one to three sessions may be required.Duration of the session is 60 minutes

Family Tree  Session $100 Any blocks such as conflicts, injustices or loyalties that arise from family lineage are cleared. Depending on the nature of issues, three to four sessions may be required. The modality used for this clearing is the Spiritual Response Therapy.Duration of the session is 60 minutes

Pet Healing Session $60 I do clearing for any physical or emotional issues ailing your pets (birds or animals).  The modality used here is Emotion code/ Body code.Duration of the session is 30 - 60 minutes

Reviews for this practitioner:

Smeeta is a skilled practitioner. I didn’t know what to expect from my session but was immediately impressed by her warmth and the ease and strengths of her gift. Everything she said resonated with me and the healing was real and immediate. I feel lighter and stronger and am looking forward to continuing to work with her.
November 9, 2022
My four-year-old cat, having behavioural problems, would act strange in my presence, scratching uncontrollably and begging for food. I love my cat, but it was hard to deal with his insane scratching of my furniture. I gave him a lot of love and affection, but the behaviour was only getting worse. I knew I needed to help; Smeeta gave him a motion code/ Body code session and explained his behavioural problem, which stemmed from his feelings of overwhelming frustration and trauma that he was picking up from me. She helped him release these and other ancestral issues. His behaviour has improved dramatically. Smeeta gave me an excellent summary of his issues from this lifetime and ancestral issues. Her work is fantastic - he is calmer and relaxed; we all feel better with his new easygoing authentic personality. I highly recommend Smeeta; she is kind and powerful, and you can feel her love for helping people and animals.
October 8, 2022

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