Sheri has been in the field of health and healing with an emphasis on the mind-body relationship since 1991 and has assisted so many to overcome barriers and obstacles in their lives.  Using transformational skills such as NLP and Hypnosis, as well as spiral dynamics and enneagram coaching, Sheri can truly help you to live the passions and the dreams you desire.  Sheri is a facilitator of personal development, a motivator of positive mindset, and has an innate understanding of the deeper subconscious programs that we are not aware of and make us who we are. Teaching and coaching come natural to Sheri and she is a sought out expert in the field of transformation.  Sessions with Sheri focus on discovering the underlying roots of issues, and learning how to release these from the subconscious mind.  

Truly aligning the conscious-subconscious connection in your mind can release long held limiting beliefs and doubts.  This does not involve going into past childhood or traumatic experiences consciously, rather a deeper connection to awareness about what is no longer serving you and gaining the empowerment skills to let it go. Sheri has a Master of Science in Physical Therapy,  is a Franklin Method Educator, Master Life and Success Coach, Master Clinical Hypnotherapist, Master NLP Practitioner, and trains and teaches throughout the country for Transform Destiny, one of the most highly accredited Neuro Linguistic programming companies in the world.  

Sheri's experience with people of all ages and backgrounds, helping them to heal physically, emotionally, and mindfully has given her the gifts to connect and bring a meta perspective to her sessions and courses.                  

Coaching for clarity, consciousness, awareness and future outcomes 60 mins. $150

Hypnosis for personal and business development: motivation, anxiety, self sabotage, defeating behaviors, calm and relaxation. 75 mins. $225.00                

NLP sessions for releasing negative emotions, limiting Beliefs, conflicts and Unnecessary connections 90 mins. $300.00                

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Coaching for clarity, consciousness, awareness and future outcomes 60 mins. $150Hypnosis 75 mins. $225.00 NLP session 90 mins. $300.00