Shelley is a Certified Accelerated Evolution Coach™ based in Kansas, US. Everyone has past conflicts of some form. She works with individuals to take them through a transformative experience that allows them to dissolve their inner conflict.

Shelley offers private coaching sessions for individuals, couples, and families. Shelley recognizes that every family looks a little different no matter your family dynamics, she is happy to help. 

She has learned a lot as a wife, mother, daycare owner, and coach.In each of these roles she has had many different experiences. With each of these new experiences she has been provided with new information and insight.Along with the lessons that she has learned through life, Shelley has also learned by training with several different coaches. Shelley wants to take what she has learned and help others grow. 

Since 2018, Shelley has been helping families and individuals grow and evolve. They’ve managed to shed their anxieties, reach new goals, and achieve more than they thought possible. Now it’s your turn. Together, Shelley can help you make life less stressful day-to-day. Growth is most successful when we simultaneously work on improving ourselves and our most important relationships.

If you're ready to go to the next level in your life, you've come to the right place. Start living the life you want.

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