Shakti Durga

Formerly a successful Sydney Barrister and currently the mother of two grown-up children, Shakti Durga is a spiritually realized being who understands all the trials, tribulations and heartfelt desires of modern life. When she experienced her awakening (which began in 1992) Shakti Durga devoted the tenacious dedication required in her law profession to spirituality. She studied widely and with as many illuminated masters and teachers as she could find, and diligently tested and cross-referenced what she was learning, until she emerged with her own synthesized set of powerful tools for the journey of enlightenment, and for living a spirited and soulful life. Shakti Durga lives in Australia.

To Shakti Durga, the spiritual path is not only about meditation and transcendence, but also about having more joy in life, richer relationships with friends, family members, partners and colleagues, a blazing sense of purpose and meaning, and enough abundance to support the life the soul desires. To this end, Shakti Durga has written several books and created her own neo-shamanic healing modality and developed many seminars and that help people weave spiritual tools and concepts into practical everyday existence – to really heal old wounds, open the heart, manifest abundance and create Heaven on Earth.

Shakti Durga's Sessions:

Ignite Your Spirit: Shakti Durga specializes in helping people who are looking to expand their awareness, ignite their spirit and find the connection to their own soul, to deepen and empower their meditation practice, to find the next part of their journey home. 30 Minute: $220 USD

Relationships: This session focuses on relationships. Whether it is between partners, helping people going through a divorce to do so with kindness and empowerment, helping folks deal with difficult teenage children, or relationships in the workplace or community. 30 Minute: $220 USD

Half of Shakti Durga's revenue from her sessions will be donated to her non-profit Lift Fund which provides free sessions for those who can not afford energy healing

Reviews for this practitioner:

The healings I have experienced with Shakti Durga are the most profound healing I have ever had, more profound than I realised healing could be. The healings along with joining her spiritual programs have transformed my life, I found words don't do justice to the transformation that has occurred. I recall feeling happier than I had ever felt directly after a healing, completely at ease with myself and in so much joy, and after another, I was offered a great job opportunity (something we had worked on directly). They are priceless. Highly recommend.
March 2, 2023
Having a session with Shakti Durga has been life changing for me. She has a profound ability to perceive what's going on deep within my energy and help me to release it. After a session with her, I feel that there has been a huge shift internally which has helped me in many areas of my life. It is an extraordinary experience and I highly recommend a session with her!
November 21, 2022

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Shakti Durga
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30 MInute Ignite Your Spirit: $220 USD30 MInute Relationship Session: $220 USD