The name Samantha means God's listener. Tune is a melody, a combination of pitch and rhythm through sound frequency. I am here as a tuning channel in service of the divine.To raise human consciousness with my energy, love and prayers that rhyme. My mission is to help set us free. Tuning in to hair peace and sacred ceremony. Harmonising with self Love guiding us back to one love unity. My background is in Hairdressing, where I facilitate hair ceremonies ( our hair is the physical antenna). I am also a Reiki energy healer and emotional intelligence coach, and educator. I combined my skills to create transcendence experiences. It is my passion to bring people together. I have created a holistic, supportive community of like-hearted people in Sydney and the UK. In-person I facilitate retreats, ceremony circles, meditations, hula hooping & embodiment dance sessions.

Online I have 1:1 energy coaching called Free To Be Me. A soul activation program helps people turn in to break free from conditioning and find personal freedom and inner peace. As we time travel into the subconscious, empowering you to be the most authentic version of yourself.

Light language activations & Channelling & sessions - Tuning my body to be the medium for God, the angels and the spirit to speak through me and to deliver messages. Asking questions helps to clarify, shift blocked emotions, to build a stronger connection with your spiritual team. Light language is sound healing frequencies from God, healing and unblocking emotions. This also activates your crystalline DNA and chakras to higher vibrations.

Past Life Regressions - Traveling into the subconscious to a past life to discover where your soul has been to uncover what karmic lesson you are playing out in this lifetime—then using timeline reiki to clear the energy and implement the knowledge and wisdom in your life today.

Quantum time travel sessions - Traveling into the subconscious by working with the quantum field and timelines techniques helps shapeshift the present moment. Asking questions helps problem-solving, therefore, gaining more perspectives and clarity on blind spots and moving to higher timelines. I offer a free connection call before each session where we tune in and have conversion. Sessions start with a consultation, then drop into a guided transcendent state. Then I tune into the guidance for the session. We then unpack what was reveled, and I set you with some home integration magic.

All sessions can be recorded on request, and direction is 90mins at $133 USD

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Light language activations & Channelling & sessions 90 min $133‍Past Life Regressions 90 min $133Quantum time travel sessions 90 min $133