Sada is an Ignite Your Spirit Therapist, Hypnotherapist, and a Spiritual and Naturopathic Counselor. She is passionate about helping people bring more love, joy, good health and freedom into their lives. She lives in Australia.

She helps people release old, unconscious energy and pain by helping people connect deep within and find their truth and authenticity.  She helps clear away patterns of stress, anxiety and suppressed emotions to find peace.

Sada specializes in helping people heal and connect with their physical body and cleanse away emotional and mental pain to bring a new sense of health and happiness on all levels.

Sada's Sessions:

Energy Healing Cleanse & Activation: These sessions are designed to go deep into the unconscious and clear out unhelpful thoughts, beliefs, energies and suppressed emotions that may be causing us physical, mental or emotional pain.  They are deeply healing and transformational and bring us into more love, joy, peace and empowerment.

Reviews for this practitioner:

My experience with Sada was very special. Even though we were on different sides of the world, she listened, opened up, and showed me how the power of energy healing worked. She really pulled out some things that made sense and some that didn't. I felt she was very patient, compassionate, and wanted me to have the best experience and most of all feel loved.
January 21, 2022
Jim R
I felt a connection with Sada after reviewing my matches. I had four days of strenuous activity with the 4th day being the day of my session. My whole body was sore. I was not 100% present or 100% willing to let go of some of the things Sada was pointing out. She was spot on with the areas of the body she was pointing out and the issues associated with them. When we were finished I only felt one twinge in my neck though when starting my whole body was sore. I was at peace and the issues she was addressing were calm. The absence of soreness from my body was an added benefit. I will continue sessions with Sada.
December 31, 2021

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