Based in New Jersey, US, I am currently a Certified Tarot Practitioner, Advanced Level CranioSacral and Somato-Emotional Release Therapist, Board Certified Holistic Alternative Psychological Practitioner, NJ State Licensed Massage and Bodywork Therapist (LMBT, NJ State Lic # 18KT00097600) and Instructor for the Massage Therapy and Holistic Health Program at Brookdale College in NJ. I hold a Bachelor's degree in Natural Health and have been in private practice since 1986.

My specialty is in Spiritual Growth, Chronic Pain Management and Emotional “Core Clearing”.  I have studied extensively over the years with Energy Coaches and Mentors from all over the world.

Being born with a Neurological disorder put me on a journey of  Self-Healing.  I would experience migraines, body pain, intestinal issues, depression, accompanied by learning challenges. I also remember having premonitions and "hearing" things as well, not realizing at the time that I had abilities as an Intuitive Empath and Clairaudient.  Having an innate determination to heal I found CranioSacral Therapy and Somato-Emotional Release work. It was the missing link to my healing.  A new world opened up for me which became a Career path!

I am a true blue Italian Jersey Girl!!... I have such a great passion for what I do, So if you're ready I can't wait to work with you!

Rosina's Sessions:

Tarot Healing: Higher Healing Tarot was created to help you connect with the higher levels of yourself and remove the energy blocks that are keeping you stuck. The Tarot cards serve as a tool to connect with those blocks to merge the energy of your Higher Guidance. We form a triad; You, Me & The Cards…You are the Receiver, I am the Messenger and the Cards provide the Message!

As an Intuitive Empath I can actually feel where your body is responding to the cards and their meanings. I then utilize my abilities to “Listen” to your energy system, locate where the block resides, what it needs and how YOU can connect better with it. We then call in your Arc Angels, Ascended Masters and Spiritual Guides to send clearing, healing and transformative energy.

This not only gives you more clarity and awareness around your dilemma, it also raises your frequency so you are in a higher vibration. You will feel lighter and more balanced, mind, body & spirit... which creates alignment and ascends you to a higher level. This creates a “Ripple Effect'' and improves your quality of life!!

Core Clearing: Core Clearing was created as an energetic extension of my work as an Advanced Level Cranio Sacral Therapist (aka Somato-Emotional Release). I combined my experience with my abilities as an Intuitive Empath and Clairaudient and developed "The ValvoTechnique 3 Step Process." and have been doing it with my client with a lot of success! In this Session, we  delve into your soul!It has depth in healing and brings you into a visualization and dialogue process with the old stagnant energy that is creating negative patterns in your life.

The Valvo Technique 3 Step Process:

1. Identify

2. Acknowledge

3. Release/Balance

Rosina accesses the Energy (Chakras) System through Empathic Channels and then guides you into these systems utilizing breath, dialogue and visualization techniques to form an “Energetic Triad”between you, her and the pain/emotions that needs clearing. 

The physical and emotional restrictions that are causing negative life patterns are then identified, acknowledged and clearing techniques are used to release the “clogged” energy. These clearings can have a profound effect on the physical body as well and may decrease pain and improve your overall quality of life.

Combination of Tarot Healing and Core Clearing:

There are 12 Aspects of Energy Convergence for a Balanced Life  and after a short consultation on which aspect is out of balance, we utilize the Tarot cards to help us pinpoint the involved chakras and begin the Core Clearing process. I then call upon Archangels, Ascended Masters and your Spirit Guides to assist me. It can bring about new perspectives, acknowledgments and guidance on how to finally "LET GO '' of the negative energetic patterns and provide tips and insights on how to move forward for continued healing.

Reviews for this practitioner:

During our session, I felt a connection that put me at ease and relaxed me. Rosina has a way of pacifying you while at the same time being in tune to your concerns. She listens attentively and makes you feel heard. After our session, I had a sense of direction and plan that I did not possess before we had started. We worked together and it didn't feel like it was all one sided. She included me along the entire session and was very clear in what she conveyed to me. She answered all of my questions, concerns, and then some. There has been a definite improvement in how I need to face my fears and greatest obstacles. She is undoubtedly gifted and thankfully shares that gift with those who need it.
June 23, 2022
She was wonderful, patient and look forward to working with her again.
June 22, 2022
Rosina performed a core clearing with me and I truly never experienced a healing experience with a practitioner like this in my life. Rosina is truly a light worker and a true professional. From beginning to end I always felt safe ,heard and knew I was receiving the best care. It’s been only a week since then and so many shifts have started to happen in my life for the better and even a difficult relationship issue is resolving itself almost miraculously. I am beyond grateful to this incredible lady.
April 17, 2022
I have worked with Rosina for over 15 years in cranial sacral work and now tarot cards. She is always instrumental in helping me clear emotional and energetic blockages with her prompting questions and focused intuition. I would recommend Rosina to anyone seeking energetic healing. Excellent !!
March 20, 2022

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