Rebecca is the founder of the healing modality The Path to Heal, author of 25 books and 13 oracle card decks and lives in Pennsylvania, US.

Rebecca had a 20 year career in banking and became a Director at JP Morgan Chase.  In 2008, Rebecca left banking after having a transformative awakening in which she realized that all things can be healed through one simple concept --- self-love. Although simple, self-love is also elusive.  Therefore Rebecca developed a remarkable healing system, The Path to Heal which utilizes specific protocols and muscle testing to quickly uncover the psycho-spiritual roots that block self-love. Once the insight is received, The Path utilizes healing tools such as crystals, sound therapy and essential oils to restore the body to health and our lives to abundant joy.

Rebecca instructs new The Path to Heal practitioners, teaches workshops on Path self-health techniques, and sees private clients in PA.  Prior to developing The Path to Heal, Rebecca studied BodyTalk and Reiki. Rebecca received her MBA from UCLA and her BA in Psychology from Barnard College.

Reviews for this practitioner:

I am SO grateful I had the joy of connecting with the incredibly beautiful Rebecca. I have experienced many healers over the years, and I feel this was one of the most profound sessions I have ever had. I absolutely loved my first session with the gracious and gifted Rebecca! She helped me to uncover and release some major blocks in owning my truth on my mission to serve and even in my marriage. She is highly intuitive, filled with love and holds space for you so you may feel safe to be vulnerable and to fully express. I feel like a miracle occurred in my session, as I feel a shift at a soul soul feels liberated and ready to soar! I highly recommend Rebecca and I personally look forward to booking more sessions with her! I am also very interested in her amazing card decks and books!!
July 24, 2022
I had a wonderful healing session with Rebecca. She was able to identify and clear out some fears that were holding me back. I felt restored and uplifted with her method of healing. I highly recommend a session with Rebecca.
July 1, 2022
I thoroughly enjoyed speaking with Rebecca. She was super insightful and it was very informative and helpful.
April 13, 2022
An open mind often opens doors. I didn’t know much about Rebecca’s methodology except for Touring a first-hand recommendation that experience someone else had was exemplary. My wife and I booked some time with Rebecca to understand why each year we faced a repetitive challenge. Rebecca called upon some techniques which I understood and had seen or read about before, but a few that were absolutely new to me. She displayed a very deep intuition and empathy, and at times when we confided things we were embarrassed about, there was no judgment, just a love. Most importantly, she was able to really hone in on some complex issues and help us to clear them firstly by acknowledging them for what they are and not the bogeymen we had made them out to be. She then brought her talents to bear, and I genuinely felt an enormous weight lifted from the core situation holding me back in many areas of my life, which consequently was at the core of many other issues. Opening my mind and heart up to new views, talents and wisdom is certainly blowing open many doors that have been jammed or shut in my life. This was a powerful experience to do just that.
April 3, 2022

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