I am Ranjani, a psychic tarot reader and reiki healer. I am a good listener, and I like to make people feel safe and be their authentic selves around me.

The channeled messages I provide through my psychic gifts are directed at seeing your potential and wanting you to thrive, live your best life and being unapologetically yourself. My biggest gift is, I help you tap into your own intuition and realise how powerful you are and unlimited your potential is. I also deliver messages that help you acknowledge your emotions and validate them, accept yourself the way you are, face your fears and start living an authentic life that’s in tune with your highest good. This way, I focus more on your untapped potential and give you a new perspective as to how the problem/challenge/crisis before you is more of an opportunity for progress than a stumbling block.

We are all beings of Light and it’s time we realised how powerful each of us are. Connect with me to know how you can navigate this ascension process seamlessly. Together we will rise!

Menu of services with descriptions and prices:

Identification of Chakra Blockages, Your Soul’s Yearning and Guidance from your inner child: $77 (45 mins-1 hour)

This reading will:

• Help you understand which chakras need balancing/ healing and why

• Reveal what you can do about the blockages psychologically and emotionally (Simple practices/ exercises will be given)

• Guidance from your inner child on how you can heal your shadow aspects and start to live in the moment and with the flow of life

• Help you discover hidden aspects of yourself that your soul longs to express

** BONUS: A mini reading on messages from your heart chakra where you can ask me one question regarding your Love Life

The Self Actualization Reading: $88 (45 mins- 1 hour)

This tarot spread will cover the following questions:

• Who are you meant to be and Where are you in your journey towards Self Actualization?

• What subconscious fears or limiting beliefs are stopping you from living your dream life?

• Guidance from your Higher Self on manifesting your dream life

• Guidance from your Akashic records (How does the past affect your present and what you can do about it)

** BONUS: A mini reading on Why you should be proud of yourself and what you should be grateful for (We all know gratitude attracts more blessings)

Channelled Messages from your Ancestors and Spirit Guides $99 45 mins- 1 hour

• Who are your Spirit Guides? How are they communicating with you through signs and synchronicities?

• What self-sabotaging patterns have been affecting your present day reality and what can you do to address them?

• What generational/ ancestral patterns are you breaking and how?

• What crucial piece of information do your ancestors want you to know?

**BONUS: A mini reading on What special gifts have you inherited from your ancestors and how can you leverage this gift.

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Identification of Chakra Blockages $77The Self Actualization Reading: $88Channelled Messages from your Ancestors and Spirit Guides $99