Based in California, US, Noah began shifting his focus and life mission toward health and wellness when as a teen he was diagnosed with Sjorgren's Syndrome, an autoimmune disorder that caused arthritis, extreme fatigue and rashes. After seeing multiple doctors with no sense of clarity or direction, he started dedicating his attention to figuring out how to heal his body. Through lifestyle changes like diet and supplementation, Noah lost over 100 lbs and his health problems stopped presenting.

Noah is a natural medical medium and can link health issues to emotional and spiritual trauma. Noah has always been hypersensitive but began developing his intuitive abilities about ten years ago, doing readings only within his inner friend circle. After predicting an explosion in East Harlem in March of 2014, Noah decided to start talking about his abilities more openly.

Noah's Sessions:

I sense and feel things without knowing how and why I know. I often connect to the other side and past events to heal current issues. My favorite focus is medical mediumship, as well as reading relationships, family and business. 30 Minute Session: $150 or 60 Minute Session: $300

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