Nicole is a Spiritual Teacher, Channel and Mystic, here to change the world one heart at a time. She currently lives in Sydney. With her capabilities and modalities, above all she is here to be of Service. To book a session with Nicole is to step into your greatest expansion and healing.

Using a combination of Intuitive Energy Healing, Metaphysical and Somatic Transformation and Connection to your Higher Self, Guides and Loved Ones she is able to see what cannot be seen, tap into your subconscious, your energy centers and create a loving and safe environment where you are able to move through stuck or stagnant energy and emotions to a clearer sense of peace and calm.

Nicole's Sessions: A session with Nicole is here to serve your Highest Good and unlock your abilities, wisdom and knowledge you hold within.

30 Minute Personal Channeled Message: A quick session designed to answer the questions in your heart, offer guidance and support for these times all shared with love.

1 Hour Session: A session designed to clear stuck and stagnant energy or emotions, transmute what is not serving you and give you the tools for a clearer connection to self, the Cosmos and beyond.

2 Hour Session: A deeper dive into the workings of your subconscious mind, including pulling forward past trauma or beliefs to clear the path to healing through a combination of Energy work, Shamanic and Somatic practices where we reprogram the ways of thinking and belief patterns, the ways we see emotions and connection back to Spirit.

Reviews for this practitioner:

Donna Martine
My session with Nicole was everything I wanted/needed and more. Nicole is an amazing presence and brings insight, kindness and generosity to her sessions. She must be experienced as there are no adequate words to describe her talents. Our session together changed my life.
January 22, 2023
Nicole was wonderful. I volunteer as a dog rescuer and had lost track of a German Shepherd, Otto, after he was shipped to Texas. It was very distressing to me. I had one contact in TX who was not responding to me. Nicole listened , connected with Otto, and described a wonderful loving home in great detail. As well, Nicole suggested a different way to communicate with this one contact to find Otto. It worked and about a week later I received beautiful pictures of Otto with his new owner, exactly as Nicole had described them together. I can let go of the unease and constant worry knowing he is happy and adjusted.
August 20, 2022
My Session with Nicole was simply amazing!!! Her ability to connect with Spirit to communicate deeply profound messages that I needed to hear is a testament to her Clair cognitive ability and the Work she does all over the world. I am most grateful for her willingness and lighthearted nature that allow for such a sweet delivery even with the most potent things ☺️. I 5 times out of 5 recommended Nicole and her services to anybody ready to hear from Source.
July 7, 2022
Nicole is insightful, compassionate and caring. She manages humor amidst the spiritual guidance and make the experience delightful.
April 29, 2022
Life-Changing! My husband passed away 8 years ago; our youngest was 7 months at his passing. 1 session with Nicole did more for me than years of therapy. She absolutely the best at her craft, genuinely grateful. I'm forever thankful!
March 30, 2022

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