I am a multi-dimensional healer who can access the energy body and clear current and past life issues, karma, physical issues, and negative attachments. I have two healing modalities of my own called Sapphire StarCodes and Foundations of Light Healing, which I use in healings plus offer to other healers to use in their own practices. She lives in Illinois, US.

I work with the Akashic Records, Light Language, the energy body, guides, ancestors, angels, ascended masters and galactic races to bring a balanced healing session.

Nelle's Session:

Sapphire Star Sessions: 30 minutes. We can work on a specific topic the client wants, or I can tap in and bring what spirit says is needed. The session will be a mix of each of the modalities I use, and gives time for questions the client may have. $50.

Reviews for this practitioner:

I received a tarot reading along with some star codes and light language from her that were right on point. She also revealed things that I needed confirmation on that will help me move forward in my journey.
June 13, 2022
A session with Nelle was nothing short of amazing. She is extremely intuitive, insightful and kind. She was able to easily tune into my guides, the angelic & elemental energies wanting to come through with various messages. Nelle was also able to confidently facilitate a powerful clearing of stagnant energy in my upper shoulders area and an overall balancing of my feminine and masculine energies. I am super grateful to have met Nelle and highly recommend her services!
April 26, 2022
Nelle was able to connect and see exactly where I needed healing and facilitated the healing where I could feel her energy immediately and gave me the tools to continue on my own. She brought messages through to help me better understand how my past lives are influencing my current life and was able to give me insight and guidance to help with direction I truly needed. I felt completely comfortable with her and absolutely will work with her in the future.
April 20, 2022

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30 Minute Sapphire Star Session: $50