Based in India, I'm a positive and inspirational holistic healing expert with over 6 years of experience in different modalities of healing. Focused on helping people find sustainable physical, mental and emotional health purely through spiritual healing.

I started as a channeler and a healer since 2014 with NLP and slowly transitioned into a spiritual channel. I am very passionate about how energy works on us, with us and inside us. The idea of communicating with the body as a separate entity and to treat it as a vessel to be kept healthy fascinates me. I work with physical pains, emotional traumas, spiritual practices such as grounding, protection, releasing etc., to create a life that is happy, healthy and feels abundant inside and out. I wish to reach to all those who wish to take their destiny in their hands and work towards inner peace and wellbeing. I work as per the requirement of the client and use mixed modalities to treat as needed.

Reiki Energy Healing: Energy Healing involves channeling the divine energy to heal all that which needs to be healed in your body. This is the reason it does not reach everyone that easily. Physical, emotional, spiritual -any kind of blocks can be altered using this divine technique. There will be almost an instant relief in physical problems such as aches and pains. The rest will follow in a day or two. Suggested : 3 sessions and up. 30-60 Minute Per Session, $95 Per Session

Inner Child Healing: Give an out to your Inner Child to get rid of traumas haunting you from your childhood. Heal and release your Inner Child to make peace with your past and be able to move towards your future with ease. Suggested : 3-8 sessions and up. 30-60 Minute Per Session, $80 Per Session

Ancestral Healing: The blessings of ancestors is the only protection we get from deep inside us. Very few people are chosen to help their ancestors reach the divine light. When you do this, you will notice the blocks related to finances, health and relationships fading and you will form a better relationship with the universe. Suggested : 1-2 sessions. 30-60 Minute Per Session, $95 Per Session

Reviews for this practitioner:

My experience with her will be life-changing. She gave me several mantras and tools to use moving forward that I think will change my life with clearing financial blockages and honoring my ancestors. She is such a beautiful individual with a wonderful spirit that should be shared with all who is open to receive.
June 16, 2022

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30-60 Minute Reiki Session: $95 USD30-60 Minute Inner Child Healing: $80 USD30-60 Minute Ancestral Healing: $95 USD