I was born with healing gifts and psychic abilities inherited from my blood lines, both maternal and paternal. My maternal grandmother started my training in energy arts.

Over the years, I learned different energy work styles: Norbekov System, Reiki, Qi-Gong, Tao meditation, Tarot and Oracle intuitive reading, Shamanic work and Bodywork from many teachers and classes and continue to learn in the present. I developed my mediumship and channeling gifts on my own parallel to learning healing arts.

My journey started in Northern Russia, continued in Southern California and brought me to the tropical island of Oahu, Hawaii where I reside currently. Every place I lived in added something new and unique to my energy arts and personality. 

As a healer and a medium, I developed my own multifaceted style that encompasses elements of all the disciplines I studied and my own techniques. I custom-trim each session to fit my client’s individual needs and limitations. Each session starts with establishing your goals, discussing your sensitivities, and creating the framework that is just right for you.

​I am looking forward to guiding you on your healing journey.

Natalia's Sessions:

Intuitive Channeling Session $121/50min & $180/80min

This session will be focused on creating a space for you to communicate with your spirits and energies. Nataliya channels what your energy is holding onto or is connected to. Nataliya sees the role of a medium in being a bridge between the world of living and realms of spirits.

  Nataliya's personal beliefs do not play a role in how your session will be shaped up. For example, if you are strongly religious, she will channel your beloved deities and spirits and work within your preferences if it doesn't violate Nataliya's personal and spiritual boundaries. She has channeled deities of various religions, departed loved ones, ancestors, dark entities, and people's inner true selves. Nataliya creates and holds a safe space for these communications to occur and makes sure the membranes between the worlds remain intact while being tuned into your frequencies.

Each session is unique, and results vary, so please keep an open mind. Please find a quiet comfortable place with good internet connection to get the full benefit of this session.

Virtual Reiki Therapy Session $72/30min

Reiki is a channeling technique. A Reiki practitioner holds "pure channel" state of mind while placing their hands over or gently touching the key points of the recipient's body and allowing Universal Life Force energy (Rei-Ki) to flow freely trusting that the recipient's body, mind and spirit will benefit from it in the way that is needed in the moment. Reiki is a lightwork technique where practitioner's will is only used to hold space and be of service like a pure channel.

For best results, please avoid caffeine or any other stimulants 2 hours prior to the appointment. Please find a quiet comfortable place with good internet connection to get the full benefit of this session.

Sigil Creating Session $245/2 hours

What is a sigil? To put it simply, sigil is a symbol that represents an idea or goal. Once created a sigil serves as a reminder to recipient’s energy about the goal they are working towards. For example, if you are manifesting a new job, creating a sigil that represents all the qualities of the desired job will help you focus on your goal and achieve it faster and easier.

This session will have 2 parts:

Part one is a 40-50 minute long virtual meeting. Nataliya will guide you though formulating precisely what it is you would like your sigil to represent and the colors to go with it. In this part you will also learn how to work with a sigil.

Part two is Nataliya’s solo creative work. During this part Nataliya will design your sigil and create a sigil note card via Zazzle website. You will receive an email with a digital file of your sigil within 48 hours from your session. Sigil Art Card order will be placed within 3-5 business days from the session and will be shipped according to manufacturer’s shipping schedule.

You may order the hand drawn sigil card as well for additional fee + shipping cost.

Please find a quiet comfortable place with good internet connection to get the full benefit of this session.

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Intuitive Channeling Session $121/50minIntuitive Channeling Session $180/80min Virtual Reiki Therapy Session $72/30min Sigil Creating Session $245/2 hours