Based in Canada, Nadia is a young energy healer & intuitive. She is a Certified Life Coach, Reiki Master, Practitioner of Hypnosis and Master Practitioner of NLP. She has over 2 years of experience helping millennial men and women quit feeling stagnant, stuck and misaligned in life. So they can reclaim their confidence and finally feel connected to their light & purpose. Nadia is cheerful and also has over 4 years of professional leadership experience under her belt.

Nadia's Sessions: Sessions are typically facilitated through zoom, but accommodations can be made, if needed.

Coaching & Hypnotherapy Session: This form of coaching session addresses the mind, body and spirit for a complete approach towards healing the root issue. This is an interactive session and can include releasing energetic blocks, trauma, overcoming limiting beliefs & inner child healing. 75 - 90 Minutes: $50

Reiki & Light Hypnosis Session: This is called the “energetic tune up” it’s great for anyone looking to balance and align their Chakra (energy) system! Optional: Calling in your spirit team/ higher selves for connection and guidance. 30 Minutes: $30

Connection Coaching: Transformational package comes complete with learning material and 1:1 support in-between sessions. This coaching package is customized to deliver you to your desired result. Typical areas of focus: self esteem, confidence, communication, connection to self, boundaries & more. 5-Week Package with each Session being 60 minutes: $250

50% of all of my proceeds will be going to charity (Humanitarian and/or Environmental causes)

Reviews for this practitioner:

Nadia was very easy to talk to, and she gave excellent techniques on how to connect with my happy place. Just what I needed.
July 12, 2022
Nadia was simply amazing. She explained everything where I understood clearly. Together we were able to make a plan on how I would move forward and gave me a different perspective. Loved her energy and will be booking another session with her soon.
April 26, 2022
Let me just say that Nadia's energy is beautiful and is a safe place to experience healing. She delivers true healing as she connects you to those aspects that need healed and helps you work through the trauma and release it. This is not a superficial bandage that she offers. It is deep healing in the space and time that the actual trauma occurred! I highly recommend her and her healing!
April 25, 2022

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75-90 Minute Coaching & Hypnotherapy Session: $50 USD30 Minute Reiki & Light Hypnosis: $30 USD5 Week Connection Coaching: $250 USD