Marcie Jayne (MJ) is a holistic life coach based in Florida, US, High Vibe Tarot and previously, Peace Love Makeup in Miami. MJ is known for her innate ability to to tap into divinely inspired wisdom, distilling it into concepts that are easy to grasp and implement.

As one of NYC and Miami’s top make up artists since the 1990’s, MJ founded Peace Love Makeup in 2008 with the intention of bringing non-toxic, good for your products to enhance your beauty. Her passion has since shifted to focusing on elevating your inner beauty and enhancing peace within.

In 2011, while running Peace Love Makeup, she dove deep into studying and attaining her certification with renowned spiritual teacher and author Alan H. Cohen at the Foundation for Holistic Life Coaching in Maui. MJ is a Reiki Master, Theta Healer and Akashic Records Practitioner. She has also studied with Denise Linn to be a "Soul Coaching Oracle Card Reader." MJ is constantly learning and evolving and integrates those teachings into her healing and empowering sessions.

While completing her coaching certification, Marcie began to pull a few cards at the end of each session. To her surprise and that of her clients, the cards mirrored what was conveyed in the session every single time!

Marcie uses the Tarot as an archetypal framework that guides the coaching session to support you in perceiving from the place of your own higher self.

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