Melody’s passion is in guiding spiritual seekers to identify blocks that prevent them from unfolding their unique gifts and awakening to the beauty of their souls. The journey of the soul is the hardest thing a person will ever have to do. It is also the most rewarding. You don’t have to do it alone.            

She holds a Masters Degree in Psychology from St. Mary’s University in San Antonio, Texas.     She is a member of the International Absent Healing Team through the Inner Quest Foundation. She has produced and hosted a series of TV specials on A Course in Miracles and The Heart and Soul of Mediumship.            

As a Soul Navigator, Melody utilizes her lifelong learning to provide extensive information in guided individual sessions, revealing one’s life purpose using the gifts and talents each of us has brought into this lifetime. She identifies challenges and opportunities, showing us there is no limit to what we can do once we know how to seek and live on the Path we are meant to travel.

As Melody shares the Gifts of the Path, we can move forward at an accelerated pace, taking our souls from ordinary to their extraordinary destinations. Melody lives in Virginia.

About Melody’s Sessions You may choose to have a session by either phone or Zoom.

Intuitive Reading: Doubts are about feeling limited. They undermine our abilities and dreams. This session focuses on your unique sensitivity and intuition, and how they relate to moving beyond doubt. We will also look at the relationship between intuition, soul guidance and Spirit; and why that is important for your life. This session will help you develop a deeper understanding of your natural abilities, moving you into remembering the beauty of your soul. 60-minutes: $150

Spiritual Session: This session focuses on your spiritual awakening, identifying resistance, stepping into releasing blocks that prevent you from elevating your consciousness and reaching your destiny. Can you imagine what your destiny is? This session will reveal what you already know on a soul level, but has been forgotten. 60-minutes: $150

Soul Path Reading: During your Soul Path Reading, we will be discussing valuable information about your life purpose. We will be tapping into an unknown reality affording insight into your soul’s purpose. Intuitive guidance and input from Spirit will support your session.You will have an opportunity to break the patterns that can sabotage what your soul really wants and bring you into alignment so you may live a more joyful life. Revelations during this session cover:

·      Life Purpose overview

·      Sacred Contract

·      Strengths, talents and gifts

·      Challenges and opportunities

·      Life patterns

·      Destiny

·      What your soul is asking of you

Discovering the beauty of your soul. You will also receive a Soul Path Chart before your session. This written information gives you the opportunity to absorb lots of new information about your life. We are going to talk about it, in detail.

90-minutes: $250

Reviews for this practitioner:

Being in session with Melody I felt seen, heard, and acknowledged. She gently guided me into unfolding my unique soul gifts. She assisted me in expanding them to align with my life purpose, opening me to the truth within. The experience was effortless, beautiful, and powerful. Here I am, writing this, one week later and I am still feeling and integrating the energies and wisdom from our session together. What a gift she is!
December 1, 2022

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‍Intuitive Reading: 60-minutes: $150‍Spiritual Session: 60-minutes: $150Soul Path Reading: 90-minutes: $250