I'm a Portuguese from Lisbon and I have a degree inBusiness Management and have made an international career in multinational companies such as Procter & Gamble and Lóreal. After 9 years of living in Madrid, I decided to return to Lisbon whereI continued to work in the corporate world. As I am a user of this energetic therapy since 2007 with amazing results, in 2016 I decided to change my professional path.

I started a process of training and personal training to give Biofeedback/Quantic sessions helping people to have a better life. It is an incredible challenge that requires me to be in constant learning.

In addition to continuing training in Biofeedback, I have already taken the NLP course given by Richard Blander (creator of NLP), I attend conferences in this area and did have 3 certificates in Theta healing. Certified by The Quantum Academies. What is my GOAL with you? Is to contribute to the body's self-regulation, that is, reminding the body how to control both physical and mental processes, for better and healthier functioning. It is a therapy that works the body as a whole: mind, emotion, physical and spiritually.

Marta's Sessions:

Sessions can be approached for physical, mental, emotional, conditions & situations, chronic or temporary. All sessions are online through a 10 min call and alternatively completely remote with only a short record message or a written conversation. Sessions can also be given without timezone synchronization, with reception of the energetic work at night during sleep.

All the sessions are done with quantum certificate device called Quest9 and micro-current is transferred to clients based on their condition. Sessions can be held in Portuguese, Spanish or English.

60 Minute Basic energetic Clearing and Body Stress Release: the person can choose a specific subject to he work on, ex: fatigue, chronic pain, insomnia, anxiety, phobias, allergies, emotional and mental blocks, hyperactivity, lack of memory and concentration, circulatory problems and blood pressure, degenerative issues, digestive disorders, Depression and emotional disorders and hormonal imbalances.

60 Minute Energetic Healing & Anti-aging Treatments: $120

60 Minute Energetic Healing and Appetite Control: $110

60 Minute Child Energy Healing: helps on hyperactivity, learning and attention deficit: $110

Reviews for this practitioner:

Nina Kaiser
I loved meeting Marta and receiving a session from her! Marta welcomed me kindly into the session and explained everything she was about to do very understandably. When I lay on my bed and she was working on me, I felt a beautiful soft and strong energy moving through my body, which I very much enjoyed. After the session Marta told me about her observations and they were spot on! She also had some very helpful
November 4, 2022

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60 Minute Energetic Healing & Anti-aging Treatments: $120 USD60 Minute Energetic Healing and Appetite Control: $110 USD60 Minute Child Energy Healing: $110 USD