Based in Canada, ManyBirdz is a natural born psychic surgeon and Shamanic Medicine Healing Arts Master with her own personal Rieki Master symbol and 13+ years of successful experience in quantum healing work.

ManyBirdz is also a shadow work artist, exorcist & fully developed channel for Source. As an Akashic Ambassador, she can assist with any & all of your deepest current life & past life circumstances.

Also a trained psychedelic medicine guide, ManyBirdz can answer any questions regarding this ancestral healing modality,as well as assist in decoding Dreamworld messages from your subconscious mind.

A fully initiated Death & Rebirth HighPriestess, she can help us understand the process of Death, Reincarnation & Resurrection. ManyBirdz also teaches  ancestral Magik ritual & ceremony for those who wish to step more fully into this deep healing practice.

ManyBirdz bloodlines span the globe with Egyptian, Mayan, Aztec, Peruvian, Celtic, Gaelic, Druidic & Slavic ancestors in her lineage, making her a Universal Human with a great deal of power to work from. As a Way Shower seated in 6D consciousness, she is happy and honored to assist others on the Ascension Path today!

ManyBirdz Session:

ManyBirdz specializes in shamanism & soul retrieval, addiction/trauma recovery, depression & CPTSD management & recovery from mental illness. She shares via channelling directly from Source & from her own hard-won experience during session.

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