Hello Friends, My name is Maggie and I am an intuitive energy alignment practitioner and Channeler of divine light. I live in Colorado, US. All of my life, I have been in communication with a loving invisible force. Now it is my honor and privilege to be able to share these healing energetics with you. I’ve been offering distance healing sessions since 2003 and my clients have reported positive results.

I use many energetic modalities such as Reiki , Healing Touch, HeartMath techniques, crystal energy, oracle cards, mother nature centering, Chi breathing, and healing sounds. I intuitively use what I feel is called for in your individual session. I am a licensed massage therapist and a Shiatsu practitioner, T’ai Chi and Qigong practitioner since (1989), Reiki master (2014 ). I have taken courses with Drs. Jean Houston and Claire Zammit and channeler Sarah Langdon. I have 2 Associate Degrees: 1 in Liberal  Arts and 1 in Biological Science.

Maggie's Sessions:

Channeled Message: With your permission, it begins with simple breath work and some heartmath centering.  The channeled energy takes on a role of its own then with perhaps some toning, light language, meditation or spoken word.  This may create a deep state of relaxation and peace. 20 minutes: $33

Energy Alignment:   With your permission, it begins with simple breath work and heart math centering.  I use Reiki and Healing Touch modalities to call in the energy from source.  The energies may release what is no longer needed in your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual fields to allow the universal energy to freely flow where it is most needed.  This silent energy alignment brings you into Presence of your true self where you can reside in Peace. 30 minutes: $71

Three 30 Minute Energy Alignments:   A deeper energy alignment can be accessed through this series of sessions. 3 Sessions: $197

Reviews for this practitioner:

I received a healing session from Maggie this morning. I expressed to Maggie that I was spending the summer in a lovely summer retreat but had little connection to others staying here because they are all working on a major project together that I am not a part of and so I feel like an outsider. Maggie’s healing session for me included a card-pull and then a guided meditation filled with messages for me. What stood out the most was the message that she gave me that “I am the presence f love” and when I allow myself to completely resonate with love, then lower vibrational thoughts don’t stick and my love simply connects with others and nothing else matters. I can feel the truth in this message and I already feel more connected to both the land and the people in this retreat because love is all there is. I highly recommend Maggie to others because she is highly connected, loving and intuitive.
June 30, 2022
I am so grateful for Maggie and the session she facilitated. It was precisely what I needed. She gently guided me through a grounding meditation and energy alignment that brought the peace and ease I was looking for. I highly recommend Maggie for deep energy alignment or even an energy tune-up!
May 31, 2022

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