Based in Atlanta, GA, Lucid Lynx, also known as "Lyn," is a certified Crystal Usui Reiki practitioner in the second degree and has over 200 hours of yoga training in Hatha, Kundalini, and Kids yoga. Her spiritual awakening began when she decided to use holistic practices versus traditional Western medicine to overcome a chronic health condition.

While consuming more energizing, alkaline foods Spirit of Compassion/Creator revealed to her the keys or missing links to self-healing. Through alignment of the energetic wheels also known as chakras, we are able to find balance (samadhi) which allows us to tune in to our most Highest vibration thus moving us out of our own way (ego) and onto the path of bliss and/or healing.

Lyn is gifted in holding sacred space for those ready to transmute old ways of being and heal physical illness and/or emotional traumas. It is her belief that once we obtain samadhi we are able to come into alignment with our subconscious mind which is our most whole and true self (sat nam) thus being a light in the world to heal ourselves and others.

Lyn's Sessions:

Kids Yoga (ages 3-14): The sooner we are able to come into a place of observance, recognizing we are NOT our thoughts and feelings, the better! This half hour will be dedicated to incorporating light, fun, and movement catered to your child's individual needs. We will assess how we can bring our energy up when we need it and how to wind down when it is the appropriate time. Classes include coloring and/or affirmation worksheets which will be sent via email. 30 Minutes: $22

Hatha/Kundalini Flow & Meditation: This class is geared toward uncovering the bliss of marrying movement with breath (prana) and noticing how this life force energy travels through us. We will unite our individual consciousness with that of the Universal consciousness, ultimately bringing perfect harmony between the mind and body as well as energetic cleansing. 45 Minutes: $44

Crystal Reiki Healing: Lyn believes it is her life's purpose to assist others on their healing journey. By utilizing crystals, the highest form of love (compassion/Christ Consciousness), and creating a sacred space using a technique she calls 'intentional understanding', clients can count on feeling connected, elevated, and enthused about life! This session will include vocalized mantras to balance each chakra and kundalini breathwork to remove stagnant energy (blockages). Crystal reiki is administered using the surrogate method. 30 Minutes: $33

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30 Minute Kids Yoga (ages 3-14): $22 USD45 Minute Hatha/Kundalini Flow & Meditation: $44 USD30 Minute Crystal Reiki Healing: $33 USD