Lisa is a Creative, Heart-Centered Energy and Light Intuitive.  She is a Colour Mirror Teacher and Practitioner, Numerologist, and Animal Communicator/Energy Consultant.  She lives in Northern California, USA.

Lisa works with clients all over the world.  She has been communicating with spirits and animals since childhood.  Her spiritual studies began as a teenager and continue to this day by fully embracing her intuitive abilities. In 2020, She decided to step into her Divine, Authentic Self by opening her spiritual practice to serve humanity, Gaia, and the animal world.

Her clients have said Lisa's one of the clearest channels they have ever worked with. She shares insights from a heart-centered space, grounded in tranquility. Just being in her presence brings peace and clarity.

Lisa’s certifications include:

  • Colour Mirrors Teacher and Practitioner
  • Numerologist
  • Animal Communication and Energy Consultant

Lisa is currently completing her B.A. majoring in Social Welfare at the University of California, Berkeley-May 2024 Graduation

Associate of Arts-Behavioral Sciences degree at Santa Rosa Junior College, Santa Rosa, CA 2004-2009

‍Lisa's Sessions (done over Zoom):

Colour Mirror Chakra Balancing:

Chakra Balancing $155 (USD)

What is a Chakra Balancing session?

A Chakra balancing session is typically around 2-3 hours. It is an in-depth reading using Colour Mirror traditional and/or higher vibrational chakra bottles placed over your body. This session can be done in person (optimal) or virtually. There is no need to prepare ahead of your session; be open to the process.

Chakras are the energy field centers that distribute the energy which supports the functioning of the mind, body, and emotions. We can sometimes have too much, too little, or even blocked energy in a particular chakra, which causes unbalanced functions associated with that chakra. A Chakra Balancing session helps bring each chakra back into balance and harmony, allowing energy to be more evenly distributed.

The session helps people access their “Divine right inside their bodies and their energy fields.” (Moira Bush-Colour Mirror teacher). With this reading, we can tap into underlying issues and find solutions for healing through the messages from the Colour Mirror bottles.

Many clients who have had sessions with me say they were as relaxed as if they had a deep spiritual massage. Some have even fallen into a state of deep sleep during their session.

Numerology: $155 


According to numerology, numbers influence our daily lives.  When I conduct a numerology reading for someone, I utilize the Pythagorean numerology system. This system has been viewed by many in the field as a highly accurate system of numerology that decodes the information within your birth date and name.

Numerologists believe everything, including abstract concepts, can be converted into numbers and interpreted into specific meanings. There is a relationship between numbers and everything on our planet, other planets, and human beings. Finding the number value of any word or name can help discover its hidden meaning.

Your numerology blueprint report looks at your life lesson number, the inner (soul) personality-how you see yourself, outer personality number-how others see you; your path of destiny number; day of birth number; your current life lesson; how your name(s) reflect you, your soul colours and how they influence your life.

Animal Communication/Energy Consultant : $111


As an animal intuitive for most of my life and professionally trained nine years ago, I find it a privilege when the animal world allows me to support them and their humans. It is fascinating that we are all connected and can tap into each other’s energy, even hundreds or thousands of miles away. And this goes for our pets too.

I can connect with an animal in a variety of ways, by them visually showing me images, giving me a feeling or sensation, or hearing messages from them, and on some occasions, even what they are smelling.

I utilize a few modalities such as intuitive messages, Colour Mirrors system, Flower Essences, oracle cards, and a specialized animal chakra pendulum chart created by my mentor and teacher, Marla Steele.

Clients typically reach out when issues with their pet(s), such as behavioral, end-of-life transitioning, or even a lost pet.  

Disclaimer. Psychic advice is not a substitute for veterinary treatment. Please take your animal to an emergency clinic if it is sick or injured.

I look forward to the privilege and opportunity to connect with you and your pet family.

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Chakra Balancing $155 (USD) 2-3 hoursNumerology $155 (USD) 1-hourAnimal Communication/Energy Consultant : $111