I’ve been called a belief therapist, a subconscious pattern detective, and a healer of the psyche.  I help people resolve core wounds from childhood and delete limiting and negative beliefs from the subconscious mind. This clears away limitations, resistance, and blocks that interfere with creating the life you want, whether in relationships, finances, health, wealth, work, or family. He lives in California, US.

It all begins with beliefs, the infrastructure of human consciousness. When you remove your negative and limiting beliefs, your power as Creator emerges so you can create the beautiful life you deserve. I want you to experience a life of freedom and joy so you can express your magnificence fully.

I help you dive down into the causal matrix of your subconscious mind, where your beliefs create your reality. When you change your beliefs, your reality changes – immediately and permanently.

In addition to my therapeutic coaching, I train other coaches and healers in my Clear Beliefs Method. I also work with senior executives who want to change their company culture.

My work has been featured in organizations such as The Shift Network, Mindvalley, Lifebook, Choice Magazine, Coaching Perspectives, and GoodMenProject.

Lion's Sessions:

2-hour Introductory Session: In this 2-hour session, Lion will work with your most difficult problem or issue, and will help you discover the source, the root cause of the difficulty, and will shift that foundational pattern, giving you relief and clarity.  Lion guarantees that you will experience a transformative shift, or there is no charge. $750

1 month of transformational coaching: You will receive 3 2-hour sessions within one month, and in each session, you will experience direct and profound healing of the traumas, early childhood wounds, and traumas of the past that are still impacting you.  In addition, you will receive unlimited email support, plus an additional hour as needed. $2,500

20-week Professional Clear Beliefs Coach Training: The Clear Beliefs Coach Training is a 20-week ICF- and AC-accredited program where you will learn 15 comprehensive processes that Lion uses to provide deep, profound and permanent transformation to his clients. More than 550 coaches, therapists and healers around the world have graduated as Certified Clear Beliefs Coaches and are now providing deep transformation to their own clients, always to great acclaim. This is the technology that turns ordinary coaches into World Class healing coaches. $7,500

Reviews for this practitioner:

Lion is remarkable. His session with me began with a combination of easy discourse, then delving a bit deeper as the conversation eased in naturally, making me feel very “heard”, allowing me to be open. Thereafter, his technique took a really interesting twist incorporating a powerful meditation session, which also served to prepare me for wild insights I could not dismiss or ignore, even if they were uncomfortable at the time, it was like looking at sunny skies on a bright day after being in the darkness for a long time. Prepare for revelations, they will quite likely arise with Lion. Definitely working with him again, proud to recommend to others.
March 29, 2022
I did a deep dive coaching session with Lion and it was phenomenal. our work together cleared so many blocks and i felt renewed and refreshed after our session. he is a gifted healer that really makes a difference.
February 18, 2022

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2-Hour Introductory Session: $750 USD1 Month of Transformational Coaching: $2,500 USD20 Weeks Professional Clear Beliefs Coach Training: $7,500 USD