Hello beautiful soul, my name is Leticia from Enlight10 Path living in Australia. I am very passionate about helping others heal and raising their vibration for a better life. With my modalities I work with the mind-body-spirit connection. At age 6, I would have dreams I was healing others with my hands and started tuning into energy using my hands for healing others.

I became a certified energy healer 7 years ago. Reiki Master, Seichim Master and Pellowah Master, Spiritual/ Clairvoyant healer I use many different healing techniques for a deeper healing to create positive change. I'm a Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, Holistic Counsellor and Complementary Therapist, Plus a Women's healing Circle facilitator and run live events regularly.Also a Trauma Coach who's passionate with helping others heal from their childhood trauma.

A  lot of my clients will come with a certain issue but after digging deeper the majority of the time the core issue will be from their past trauma, still affecting the way they think, feel and act.I have a 12 week program to heal from Childhood trauma  "The Resurrection Healing Code" which works on healing the mind, body and spirit. From feeling stuck, anxious and not worthy to having  inner peace, sustainable happiness and living the life you love. The more you heal the more joyful you will become!


Reviews for this practitioner:

Leticia is wonderful. Since the session i am feeling more lightness of soul. I highly recommend that you experience a session with her
June 27, 2022
I found Leticia's technique to be very unique. She was blending two different styles of energy together which I found very interesting. I found her ability in using her talents and gifts very masterful. As she started working on me, I could feel a calmness and serenity coming over me. The next thing I noticed my 3rd eye started pulsating like it was being clear from negative energy and residue. Then the energy moved into the corridors of my mind where I could feel traumas and blocks being removed from my past as well as my presence, it was like she just knew what needed to be done. By the end of our session I felt a peace and unity in my mind, body and soul that I have not felt for a while now. I found Leticia to be a highly skilled Professional and artist in using her abilities and technique. And I would definitely recommend her to anyone looking for a new rebirth of Live and insight to a new you. And as for me I would definitely use her service again.
May 8, 2022
Leticia is truly INCREDIBLE. Her heart is pure gold. My session with Leticia was so graceful. Her presence is so warm and welcoming that I just felt completely at ease to be myself with her. As a healer myself, it is difficult to allow myself to receive and I don't always feel comfortable with everyone, so working with Leticia just felt so nourishing. In the session she was giving me, I could feel myself trying to participate in doing the work, until the message came in "Allow Leticia to hold you. Let her do the work." When I heard that, I realized I wasn't allowing myself to fully receive and once I was able to let go I fell deep into this beautiful field of energy. Energy was moving all around my body. I could feel energy releasing and this deep stillness in my body anchored in that was really refreshing. A feeling of silence was present that allowed my mind to rest. I didn't know all that was happening, but once I came out of the session, my whole being felt different. I felt so much lighter and expanded. My body tension was gone. My face felt fuller and I could just feel this light all around me (and I had a REALLY stressful week so the fact that I could actually let go of all the thoughts and concerns is a testimony unto itself). She was able to tell me she felt God or a loving presence that was assisting in the session standing next to her which was interesting because during the session I kept seeing Jesus in my mind's eye. I highly recommend Leticia. She brings all of her tools onboard and her heart of being of service was so deeply felt. Such a beautiful soul. Thank you Leticia!!!!
May 6, 2022

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