Laura Vasu Devi

Based in Northampton UK, I see clients online and in person from my home healing room.

I started my career in retail, working as a product developer and buyer for Habitat, an international homewares store, based in the UK, after having a baby and ending my marriage I started soul searching, I knew I wasn’t living my purpose, and I felt pulled to do something different.

While on a retreat to southern India in 2014, I received very clear guidance that I had a calling as a healer. From that moment forward I started studying extensively with Shakti Durga (and her teachers in Australia). Learning these tools has changed my life, and I am delighted to have helped hundreds of others change their life too.


Ignite Your Spirit Therapy

Using an intuitive approach, I gently hold space for healing to occur, releasing trauma stored in the body, mind, and energy body. As I read the chakras, I am able to assist clients to release thoughts, beliefs, and energy that is unconsciously held in place. When all the chakras are ignited, clients are able to live their best life, problems are dissolved, relationships improve, and life becomes more joyful.

Advanced Crystal Dreaming

I am a qualified Crystal Dreaming Advanced practitioner and teacher, with an intuitive approach that produces rapid and life-changing results. Crystal Dreaming will locate and dissolve challenges manifesting now, that have their roots in another time and place, often in past lives and frequently relating to unresolved emotional trauma. I have found Crystal Dreaming to be an amazing modality, her personal experience has been profound, and facilitating healing with my clients is one of my greatest joys.

Ignite Your Spirit Therapy - 50 min session - Via zoom: $120

Advanced Crystal Dreaming Shamanic Healing - 60 mins - Via zoom: $150

In Person Crystal Dreaming - 90 minutes - Northampton: $200

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Laura Vasu Devi
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