Kyle has been assisting people in their spiritual journey for over 10 years.  She combines all her gifts for energy cleansing, chakra balancing and energy healing for the mind, body and soul. She is an energy healer, quantum frequency healing, and aura analysis using a Healy holistic device. Kyle is based out of Michigan and has been in professional practice for the last 5 years.

Kyle's Sessions:

Energy Session: Summons Spirit, ascended masters, spirit guides and higher self to hold space for the individual.  Uses crystals to enhance the session.  Client needs to be open to receive, set an intention and be hydrated. 60 Minute: $222

Quantum frequency session:  Using a Healy device that is FDA cleared to treat physical disorders and promotes emotional/spiritual wellness.  Microcurrent is transferred to clients based on their condition. 60 Minutes: $111

Aura Analysis:  Using a Healy device remotely scans client’s energetic field highlighting where imbalances exist. These frequencies are applied helpingto restore balance, health and harmony to your mind body and spirit.  Upon completion of the session a PDF analysis is generated which will be sent to client’s email address provided. 60 Minutes: $211

Reviews for this practitioner:

Maya Wieder
I can’t live without OMHEALS and Kyle is one of the reasons why. I recently came down with a terrible stomach bug while traveling and the comfort of knowing that a world-class healer is a click or call away is life-saving. I felt immediately better and healed promptly with her magic touch. I’ve gotten more comfortable with long distance healing and completely trust Kyle to deliver help me whenever needed. I highly recommend her.
October 1, 2022
I had pain in my legs from last one month. It was on and off and I was not sure of the reason. Kyle manages to release the pain in just 20 minutes. So grateful for that!!
June 15, 2022
Kyle is very compassionate and intuitive. She was spot on with the major life shifts I am needing to make and I felt a shift from the session. The Aura Analysis was super cool and is nice to have to refer to.
June 12, 2022

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