Khadíjih is a Meditation Guide and Intuitive Mentor.  Khadíjih's journey with Intentional healing and growth began in her teens and was propelled by the birth of her daughter at 18 and again with her son at 20.

She spent many years formally studying psychology, physics, mathematics, education, and yoga, and informally mysticism, religion, and spirituality. For a little over a decade and a half, Khadíjih has been dedicated to being and becoming a better woman, mother, and individual each day. She recognizes healing and growth as a non-linear journey where all of life is guiding us to embrace the path of our soul, if only we are open to it. 

As a guide and mentor, Khadíjih works with individuals in groups and one-on-one sessions to reconnect with their spirit and find greater harmony & balance through cosmic guidance, meditation, and heart-centered living. 

Khadíjih holds an Associates in Psychology; Bachelor of Science in Physics with a Minor in Mathematics; Master of Education Specialized in Education; Master of Arts Specialized in Physics Course Design & Instruction; 200 hr. Yoga Teacher Certification; Young Living Brand Partner; and Reiki Certifications in Process


Intuitive Mentoring is a partnership and opportunity for personalized support. Mentorship is specifically tailored to your unique situation and intended to provide you with additional tools and guidance to live a deeply heart-centered life of balance and harmony.

This is a voyage of introspection and growth where we will travel within to find the core causes (or "blockages") separating you from wholeness and the truth of who you are.

A journey of learning and unlearning and diving as deep as you are willing to go, to embrace the you that is calling to be reborn.

Intuitive Mentoring is specifically designed for those that feel the call from deep within that it is time. To rise, to be the divine light, vessel, and being you were born to be.

At the core of Khadíjih’s mentorship are lessons she has learned and continues to learn with the flow of life. These stem from her journey with life, motherhood, growth, spirituality, and her understanding of what it means to be a soul.

She uses various tools and modalities including, meditation, mindfulness, heart connection, essential oils, energy, and yoga.

The way sessions play out and the guidance that is offered are highly dependent on the individual, personal needs, desires, and the space they are in during the session. Each session is unique, just as who we are in each moment is unique.

On a deeper level, she considers the guidance she brings through to be intuitive guidance flowing not simply from her own mind, but also from beyond the veil, and across dimensions and time.

Online Via Zoom:

Intuitive Mentoring 30-minute ($55.55)

Intuitive Mentoring 60 minute ($88.88)

Intuitive Mentoring 90 minute ($133.33)

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Intuitive Mentoring 30-minute ($55.55)Intuitive Mentoring 60 minute ($88.88)Intuitive Mentoring 90 minute ($133.33)