Using the immense power of mediumship to heal the heart, certified medium and bestselling author Karen CSNU blends ethical mediumship, the Celtic mysticism into which she was born, and the compassion and loving kindness from her many years of Buddhist practice.

Based in New York City, US, Karen is a teacher/practitioner at a number of centers, including the Edgar Cayce Center of New York City, the Sir Arthur Conan Doyle Centre, and the One Spirit Learning Alliance, and the Montclair Psychic School. Karen underwent years of intensive training at the world-renowned Arthur Findlay College in England and holds three awards, Certificates of Recognition, in mediumship, spiritual healing mediumship, and public speaking from its governing body, the Spiritualist National Union.

Her book Till Death Don't Us Part: A True Story of Awakening to Love After Life is an Amazon International Best Seller. She is currently a PhD Candidate at the University of Birmingham, researching contemporary ghost literature.

Karen's Sessions:

Soul Reading: During a Soul Reading Karen Frances accesses the wisdom of your spirit and spirit guides and reflects that knowledge and wisdom back to you to provide you with spiritual and intuitive guidance for questions facing your on your life's path. It is also an opportunity to find your beauty and truth and be guided toward your soul's purpose so you can create the fulfilled life you were born to lead.

Mediumship: If you are grieving the loss of a loved one or need their help and guidance in your life, the validation, support and upliftment that comes through a private mediumship sitting will bring comfort in your time of need.  During this session, Karen Frances 'sits with spirit.' which allows communication flow from your loved ones, through her, to you to provide validation of their continued existence and allows them express what they need to express in an intimate and inimitable way.

Healing Mediumship: is a powerful healing practice that uses an intense flow of energy from the spirit world, guides, ancestors or universal life force energy. The session begins with Karen bringing to you into a state of attunement to be receptive to this powerful healing. She then blends with her healing team to allow healing to flow from them, through her, to you to where it is needed most - body, mind, and spirit.

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