Aloha, radiant human. I am Kamaljit andI live England, UK. My mission is to empower and inspire change from the inside out by living from the heart, so humanity can flourish, thrive and live inharmony with nature and each other

Love is a most powerful healer, and through the integration of Love and a deeper connection to our hearts wisdom, we are able to transmute and transform our lives and experience freedom and joy.


On a quantum level, my work is a deep dive session to go into the core areas where you are blocked, stuck, and disempowered and holding onto identities and false narratives which limit your potential and create imbalances, pain and suffering.


These blocks can show up as personal or ancestral patterns; deep childhood wounds; abuse; trauma; limited conditioning; programs and outdated belief systems, to name a few.


We work on the emotional, energetic, mental and physical layers and identify where these are hidden. We release, transmute and transform these from your field. We then reclaim your life force from areas where this may be stuck, or held by another, e.g. other lives in time and space; giving away your power to another.  This then allows more space for Love to flow freely.


I have trained and qualified in many different modalities of energy work together with conventional mindset programs and call upon the many multi-dimensional gifts, skills tools and techniques I have reclaimed. With over 17-years’ experience in this field, I have tweaked and refined my gifts to align with only my source connection and the purity this is.  


1 x 90-minute session, via zoom, $111 you are aware of what is out of alignment and are ready to dive deep into transforming this.


3 x 90 minute sessions, via zoom, $300 – we take a deep dive into an area of your life where you are out of alignment and transmute and transform this. We include a check-in after each session and a report.


6 x 90 minute sessions, via zoom, $575 -  we take a deeper journey and allow an organic unfoldment of what is out of alignment, transmute and transform this and integrate your own light. We will include sound healing through the drum and voice. Includes a check-in after each session and report.

Reviews for this practitioner:

Josiane Apollon
Kamaljit is quite an expert in the energy of love. She uses love as a tool to move emotional pain and trauma with great ease and grace. I loved her 90 minute session! Time flew and she was able Im one session to accomplish so much. Thank you so much Kamaljit! You are a true energy healer.
January 23, 2023
When it comes to how deeply connected Kamaljit is with her divine guidance system, she is phenomenal! She is a natural healer and her deep connection to the Presence Within her, makes her very effective for anyone, who is ambivalent about unlocking their authenticity and letting it shine. She reminds me of how beautiful it means to be human and that sincere care heals our deepest wounds. I'm grateful for the unfolding that led us to have a session today. If you want an intuitive healer, book her right away. You will do yourself a big disservice if you don't.
August 27, 2022

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