My name is Julie and I am an animal communicator, pet medium, and energy healer, living in South Carolina, US. I utilize many different techniques to help resolve destructive behavior, anxiety and stress in animals while cultivating a stronger connection between pet parents and their beloved companions. Over the years of employing these techniques on my own animal companions, I came to learn that other pet parents were going through similar struggles and knew I had the tools to be able to help. To be the channel for communication between a pet parent and their companion animal is my calling. There are too many pet parents who are struggling with behavioral issues in their companion animals, so I help them by communicating with their pets and by using various energy healing techniques, to resolve the issue at hand. I have trained under many animal communication experts, among them Lynn McKenzie of Animal Energy

Certification Training was my instructor for both animal communication and energy healing. I have trained with Dr. Cara Gubbins from Animal Wisdom Insiders, Natalie Anderson, Tricia Carr from the Lightshine Academy, and Val Heart from the Heart School for Animal Communication. In addition, I have also completed psychic/intuitive development training with Crystal Anne Compton and Tricia Carr from the Lightshine Academy, including the Intuitive, Mediumship, Energy, and Channeling Intensives. The Energy Intensive provided me additional methods to facilitate energy healing on both humans and their animal companions. I have also taken the Akashic Records Intensive with Crystal Anne Compton and Lauren Antuofermo with the Lightshine Academy.

Julie's Sessions:

Animal Communication: This session is for 1-2 animals and 1-3 questions.  This session is conducted  live on is provided at no extra cost, whenever possible.  During this session I will connect to your animal companions, ask them your questions, and relay their animal’s responses to you.  This session is good for getting information on general well-being, health concerns, end-of life decisions, and/or minor behavioral issue. Longer sessions available on request for an additional fee for multiple animals or a more in depth reading. up to 30 minutes $60

Pet Mediumship: Communication with one animal that has passed.   I will connect with your passed animal companion, During this session I will connect to your animal companion, ask them your questions, and relay their responses to you.  This session is conducted  live on Zoom or by phone and a audio recording of the session is provided at no extra cost, whenever possible.  This session may include a channeled message from the passed animal companion.  This session may also be done by e-mail (no audio recording). up to 30 minutes $60

Full Energy Healing: This session takes between 45 minutes to 2.5 hours depending on what healing the animal tells me he/she needs.  I work on all three levels: the physical, the emotional, and the mental/spiritual levels to resolve behavioral issues in your animal companion and have a number of energy healing modalities in my tool belt that may be employed.  This healing session is performed remotely prior to a 30-minute Zoom call to discuss my findings and answer any questions you may have.  An audio recording of the 30 minute Zoom or phone call is provided at no extra charge. one animal $133

Reviews for this practitioner:

Julie is a kind, loving and inspiring soul. My experience with her was uplifting, filled with loving messages and a beautiful healing. My heart is grateful.
April 15, 2022

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