Ever since I was a child, my aptitude and sensitivity for the subtle world was evident, but it was only later that I was able to explore this when a friend offered me a tarot deck. My world changed and for 10 years I worked in this area associating with my tarot readings, treatments and reiki courses, training thousands of people around my country of Portugal, where I live. I even taught a very specific and intuitive type of reiki called Lusitanian reiki, integrating the correct energies and harmonizing people with the energy of my country where they were born or lived.

My inner voice continued to stimulate me to learn more, so I got educated in Podal Reflexology, later creating a course teaching students. In addition, I am trained in Quiro massage, Osteopathy, Naturopathy, Homeopathy and am an internationally licensed Biofeedback Quantum Therapist, establishing my field of expertise in these  therapies.

Today, in my public consultations and teachings with my naturopath and homeopath students, I integrate 20+ years experience not only treating the physical body, but above all, the holistic vision of the connection between the mind, emotions and spirit.

Dr. Jose's Session:

With the SCIO quantum machine or the quantum biofeedback treatment, which can be used in distant sessions, I can see the aura of my clients and rectify it by cleaning obsessions, miasmas, invaders, old beliefs and vicious cycles that are in my client's life. It also corrects all of the chakras. After this process, I clear different dimensional levels of energies, such as astral, emotional, mental, and even ancestral. I look for emotional pain and also check which archetypes are controlling you in the present moment and rebalancing it. I also perform energetic cleansing of karmas from past lives and traumas experienced in this life.

With my treatment modalities, my clients can open a new door in his life and be able to move through life in a happier way.

Reviews for this practitioner:

Dr. Jose is a wise, gentle healer. There was a sense of security, knowing all aspects of my health and well being were reviewed. He made great recommendations and advised me in nutrition necessary for my healing. I needed his guidance through Covid, this was my first time using this technology. I learned so much, and would call upon him again when needed.
July 22, 2022
What is unique about my sessions with José is that his recommendations are very specific, by the end of the session I know the brand of supplements and where to order them. I can easily add them to my daily routine within days of a session. He’s very methodical, detailed, and organized in how he explains the rationale behind his suggestions. He’s an excellent educator. José is committed to his work as seen in his quick response and thoughtful feedback. José’s approach is holistic addressing mind, spirit, emotion, physical, and provides healing at the cellular level creating measurable results. When I started sessions with José, I could rate my back pain on a scale from 1 to 10, as an 8. My back pain on a stressful day is a 3 at most, otherwise no back pain whatsoever. I continue to work with José and look forward to living a pain-free life. If you’re ready to make a radical transformation and are willing to follow his recommendations then he would be a good partner in building a healing journey.
April 3, 2022
I was home with coronavirus feeling awful. I had a session with Jose and by the end I was so energized and feeling so good. He gave me so much information about myself and what would be helpful for me. I would definitely have an appointment again with him.
February 23, 2022

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