Jihane is a certified coach and healer with 11 years of experience as a coach and 5 years as a healer. She lives in Paris and is bi-national: French and Moroccan. She has a masters degree in finance and worked as a financial analyst before discovering her passion for helping people release their blocks and reaching their potential. She is a practitioner of  NLP, Ericksonian hypnosis, reiki , pranic healing, bioenergy healing, bio-neuro emotional healing.  She heals and coaches using many modalities, such as trans generational techniques, EFT, flowers of bach, essential oils, stones, Tibetan bowls, past life and between life hypnosis, astrology, sujok, and soul coaching. She tackles all sorts of professional issues, couple problems, interpersonal issues, healing wounds, and healing of physical ailments.

Jihane's Sessions:

Professional Coaching: public communication, stress management, time management, change management, self confidence, self esteem, self love, lack of motivation, entrepreneurship, team management, professional harassment, expatriation, career change, life and professional balance.

Healing of Physical Ailments: through Ericksonian hypnosis, past life regressions, pranic healing, and sujok.

Healing of Emotional Issues: stress, anxiety, anger, depression, agitation,sadness, hallucination, hysteria, irritability, obsession, phobia, violence,personality multiple, suicide tendency, sexual violence, and paranoïa.

Reviews for this practitioner:

Cheryl L
Jihane was able to release the pain and tightness caused by a strained rotator cuff. She was thorough and I now have an expanded range of motion as she freed up the knots, tenderness and emotions from my shoulder. I am so happy with the results. She is a talented healer with a lot of tools in her repertoire. Thank you for a wonderful session!
April 26, 2022

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