Based in Washington DC, US, Dr. Ivy has been practicing Conscious Creation Life Therapy (CCLT) with over 35 years of experience. CCLT is a developmental process for improving self-awareness, empowering natural talents, and encouraging human potential. CCLT is based in the spiritual practice of Sonic MIND StreamingR Meditation. SMS is the art of calming the mind and focusing it on an intention simultaneously with sound healing frequencies, and integrating energy with the Chakra Healing System.

With visualization, chakra balancing, aromatherapy, wellness teas, sound vibration, and positive  intentional thought forms, CCLT guides you into Deep levels of relaxation with a very slow process of guided imagery and multi-sensory meditation movements.  In its simplest application, it can be used for relaxation and stress reduction, bringing one into an awareness of the important inter-connection between the mind, the body and the spirit.

CCLT can help manage physical and emotional pain, and offers a tool for spiritual enlightenment, coping with the disharmony, trauma and emotional discomfort in our lives. Overcoming a since of being imbalanced, and conditioning of the mind to gain spiritual insight. Accessing full potential of life for healing and manifesting is the primary goal of CCLT.

Ivy’s Sessions:

Conscious Creation Life Therapy is the process of choosing what you want from life, and taking the steps you need to bring your soul purpose into reality. Conscious Creation is simply becoming conscious of what you think, feel, and believe, directing your thoughts, choosing your emotions, and changing your beliefs so that they are in alignment with what you desire.

Sonic Transformative Alignment: The Full Body Sonic Alignment is a meditation process for deep relaxation and chakra balancing, designed to strengthen the aura with sound vibrational frequencies and positive intentional thought forms.  Creating an instant shift in consciousness.

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