Unprecedented methods for unprecedented Times.

As a part of the cosmic - scaled, global expansion of consciousness, the Sacred Technology of Divine Feminine is deeply activating and with it Timeless Wisdom & Ancestral Knowledge resurface powerfully. Waves of multiverse-al awakening are moving all beings into new levels of consciousness and blueprints are being switched on & upgrades happen at the speed of light. But beyond reconnecting to its spiritual, mystical supernatural roots, it is not only its original roots humanity and all other beings are to move back into, it is also brand new roots, into brand new soil, with brand new information to alchemize and take shape of. In other words, we are transcending the very foundations of our operating mode, and the movement back is only to move through.

The momentum is huge : the highest potential itself to its own next version, moving Imagination beyond itself, anchoring time(lines) that are announced but not written in our current DNA - some of it, never will. Instead, we become facilitators for the apparition of a new kind, and to do so we accept and open to our innermost purpose, and live Beautiful Lives in reflection of this purpose. We must accept the initiations and change necessary to express in our fullest, highest potential, always, as we become stewardesses and stewards of our own Evolution, Midwives of the next Cosmic Era.  

Throughout her personal journey, Iowana Deva has retrieved and unified multiple & various aspects of herSelf, alongside multi-dimensional, mastered gifts and skills - and she continues to do so. Her work, and her life -style, are the results of a fusion between the Shaman and the Galactic Being. While she recognizes herself very much in this fusion, She and her work are ultimately deeply engaged into the re-emergence of the lineage, revelation and restoration of the Mystery, the Cosmic Technology & Sacred Wisdom of the Divine Feminine. Iowana is a Keeper of Gaia & of the Akasha.

Iowana is the founder & CEO of Gaiactica, a Life Enhancing, Living Business Entity. It is an multi and inter-dimensional Energetic Womb where we accomplish precise, organically occurring, creative hatching & blooming of true Avatars ; individuals, communities & businesses centred in connectedness to sacred remembrance & quantum consciousness dynamics for Life sustaining purposes. Gaiactica manifests a Sacred Energetic Receptacle where divine developmental and evolutionary shifts are being initiated.

Pioneering pathways into the emergence & establishment of new energetic templates at a global scale, Gaiactica expresses to raise awareness & re/connection toward the true nature of Being on Earth, while materialising the collection and direct translation of cosmic and divine information to aid at healing and encourage multi - level metamorphosis. It aims at revealing the logic of more mysterious nature behind choices, decisions, directions by amplifying global or specific energetic currents ; as well as learning to create through his very logic. Simultaneously, we collect, infuse and activate the diverse information that may be necessary to operate Life changing, Life sustaining, Life enhancing changes within us. By working directly into the quantum space we get to explore possibilities prior to materialising them and ensure alignment with the fullest potential, saving Time, Energy, Money, and fortifying life - changing and sustainable foundations, habits & routines to give shape to and benefit to the most tangible aspects of the human being experience.

As a leading voice, Gaiactica exists to encourage Change towards Evolution in its globality ; the evolution of the world of humankind into a world of Celestial, Free, unified Soul-led beings in full Command, Conscious of their Nature and divinely guided into the flourishing of their purposes. Gaiactica is actively engaged in creating new Life Grids for Planet Earth and anchoring brand new Natural information. Every client of and participant of courses and workshops at Gaiactica may be introduced to these informations by proximity. A new form of human being is emerging, that is meant to bridge for a completely different version of HumanKind. That is the direction Gaiactica works towards.

In sessions we will typically look at who you are (= what you embody), how you have evolved and where and how to move forward. We psychically scan your field & check what energies & information you are currently carrying out, as well as the potentials ready to hatch, bloom, or flourish. We chart in the main grooves and trajectories that have been taken, we take notice or discover, and assess the generated effects. We take deep listening into blueprint and original code, simultaneously we pick up on dissonances and map out the limiting and obsolete patterns or unseen, unresolved pieces, and systematically correct or initiate new trajectories to blueprint alignment. Finally we may bring further assisting healing tools & alternatively perform and/or apply transitory treatments as support to the catalyzation and course of transmutative alchemical processes.    

We work exclusively through the Akasha for coding, programming, and inter - alchemising within the multiple layers of space. Below you will find listed some of the framework & modalities we fluidly use during sessions :

Spiritual & Emotional Deconditioning, Soul - Aligned Differentiation, Personal Discovery, Soul activation, Soul connection, Blueprint & DNA NaturalSource CodingSpiritual Healing, Spiritual Development & Evolution, Awakening & Ascension, Transmutational, Evolutional Alchemy, Elemental Alchemy & Healing - Akasha & Quantum Coding & Grid Generation, Energetic Bodies Circuitry, Rejuvenation, Regeneration, Resource Reanimation, Purification, Clarification & Energy Healing, Rejuvenation, Regeneration, Resource Reanimation, Purification, Clarification & Energy Healing, Light & Sound Frequency Healing, Psychic Energy Work, Planetary & Genetic Chart Coding & Activation, Ceremonial Journeys, Meditation & Medicinal Treatments, Galactic and inter-dimensional Transmission

While working directly from the Code Source we very much keep our eyes onto the most mundane plane of existence so as to detect the direct contact and connection between the source signal and the expression of it in our most normal life activities ; simultaneously encouraging the learning of reading the shapes and use of the language of divine manifestation in the physical plane.

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Reviews for this practitioner:

Iowana is amazing! She has a beautiful voice guided by her expansive awareness and high vibrational soul energy to deliver an extraordinary and powerful Light Language Healing and Activation. I also do Light Language. I must say that she sings with Divine grace, light, and love. My session was uplifting and Awesome, I highly recommend that you experience a session for yourself!
June 9, 2022
During the session, after it, and still, I am feeling the profound benefits of more lightness of being. Iowana’s ability to connect immediately to the soul and heal the physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual implications I’m current and previous lifetimes is remarkable. Using her language of light, and clearing techniques she is able to bring you to the clearest, highest vibration in current time. Everyone should gift themselves or someone they love or both this kind of life-changing experience.
June 6, 2022

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