Energy healer & teacher, as well as spiritual coach & guide, Iowana´s work revolves essentially around multi-dimensional healing, transformative, and transcendental energetic work, mainly for Health, Expansion and Spiritual Development.

Iowana holds profoundly healing & activating spaces. Using finely developed psychic abilities, she performs energetic procedures such as pattern breaking, extraction and clearings work, as well as energetic rejuvenation and regenerative treatments, DNA & records clearing and upgrades, and template re/creation, programming, and more ! so as to free and restore the integrity of the energetic field and promote its stability, sustainability, and longevity

Iowana started her personal journey to Illuminated Consciousness over 10 years ago, and has over time collected a wide range of Natural energetic frequency medicine (such as Elemental energy, Animal realm Intelligence, Galactic realm Intelligence, Light Language) through her own Healing, Remembrance and Soul Growth journey, and her practice, ever growing, is at the meeting point of shamanism, light work, and psychic coding and re/programming.

While she approaches healing from any relevant point of the subtle body layers, Iowana´s work is anchored in revealing and celebrating the inherent and natural intelligence of the Body itself, and aims at freeing, awakening, stimulating and activating the enlightened aliveness that resides in the very core of each particle composing our fantastic Human - Being experience Vessel. Originally from France, Iowana currently lives in Denmark.

Iowana's Sessions:

Iowana holds different healing spaces and can be approached for physical, mental, emotional, conditions & situations, chronic or temporary, as well as for spiritual development and consciousness growth. All sessions can held online through a call and alternatively completely remote with only a short call or a written conversation. Sessions can also be given without timezone synchronization, with reception of the energetic work at night during sleep

60 Minute Basic energetic Clearing, Upgrade & Activation: $188

60 Minute Energetic Healing & Rejuvenation Treatments: $222

60 Minute Energetic Healing, Upgrade & Activation: $322

Reviews for this practitioner:

Iowana is amazing! She has a beautiful voice guided by her expansive awareness and high vibrational soul energy to deliver an extraordinary and powerful Light Language Healing and Activation. I also do Light Language. I must say that she sings with Divine grace, light, and love. My session was uplifting and Awesome, I highly recommend that you experience a session for yourself!
June 9, 2022
During the session, after it, and still, I am feeling the profound benefits of more lightness of being. Iowana’s ability to connect immediately to the soul and heal the physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual implications I’m current and previous lifetimes is remarkable. Using her language of light, and clearing techniques she is able to bring you to the clearest, highest vibration in current time. Everyone should gift themselves or someone they love or both this kind of life-changing experience.
June 6, 2022

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60 Minute Basic energetic Clearing, Upgrade & Activation: $188 USD60 Minute Energetic Healing & Rejuvenation Treatments: $222 USD60 Minute Energetic Healing, Upgrade & Activation: $322