Albert Einstein said “Future medicine will be the medicine of frequencies”

Each of us brings our own unique vibrational blueprint into the world – our song, as it were. However, this song can become dissonant from life’s challenges.

I have been humbled and awed by the power of biofield tuning (a form of sound healing) and breathwork to transform and heal—to bring the body back to its blueprint settings of love, synchrony and coherence.

I’m passionate about supporting you to unshakeable clear, calm and joy and optimal health through coaching, breathwork, biofield tuning and meditation training. I love working at the intersection of consciousness, awakening, technology and biohacking for the benefit of health and well-being.

My Certifications: Human Potential Coach (ACC), Biofield Tuning Practitioner, Subtle Energy Meditation teacher, NeuroMeditation Teacher, Usui Holy Fire Reiki Master. I am based in Fairfax, California.


Reviews for this practitioner:

I have been working with Holly for the past year and a half. Her work is incredible. Her gentle and loving way of holding sacred space during each session is very nurturing and deeply relaxing to the body and mind. I always feel safe and held. Each session is deeply healing on all levels. The results are life-changing and profound. Life becomes happier, brighter, and lighter. I am so grateful to have met Holly and work with her. She is amazing!
November 21, 2022
Receiving a biofield tuning session from Holly is truly a gift. She is a very kind and loving Soul that made me feel safe to let go and to surrender to the session. She explained very well in details how it would look like and what she is going to do. It was the first time experiencing this kind of session and I loved it. I had all sorts of visions and memories return, from being a mermaid to being fairy, innerstanding more the reason why it was sometimes so difficult for me to be in human form. I felt a lot of energy being cleared and burned out of my legs and espcially from my thighs. Already during and especially after the session I felt lighter, more energised and I had a sense of wholeness within my body. With her intuitive skills, Holly was able to address something that I have almost forgotten about which I am so incredibly grateful for. It was a very deep and powerful session for me. I wholeheartedly recommend a biofield tuning session with Holly.
July 22, 2022
To be quite honest I did not know what Biofield Tuning was, but I’m glad I took the time to find out and what I discovered was. Holly uses a technique like Shamanism but in a new modern way. Instead of using feathers she uses tuning forks and different sounds to align your body into a relaxing state of oneness. After that she started working her real magic, I could feel the vibration from the tuning fork and the different Instrument she was using, to remove any negative energy and blockages I had within my Chakras and throughout my body. What made this session so special with Holly was she identified a big problem that has been holding me back for years from going forward and that was my Feet. She could tell I have been holding myself back in life because of my inability to move forward. Then she started working her magic again by removing the past blockages that have been holding me back since childhood. I am so grateful that she was able to remove years of past residue and blockages that stop me from moving forward. I can honestly say after my session with Holly, I have started moving forward in my life by accomplishing many of my projects I have put on hold in my life. I wish to thank Holly, for her wonderful healing session and introducing me to her Techno Shamanism Technique.
June 11, 2022

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