Holly’s passion lies in helping people discover what it means to step into the flow with life and live in joy and wellbeing while healing their physical bodies.  She offers vibrational sound healing sessions and coaching to facilitate physical and emotional healing for greater vitality and wellbeing.Her background weaves training in the healing modalities of reiki and biofield tuning with human potential coaching and meditation.

With a deep connection to nature from her 20+ career as a conservation scientist, she has a passion for neuroscience, consciousness, and science-based methods to rewire the brain for calm and clarity.During sessions you’ll feel supported and held by her loving presence in a sacred space that allows you to fully relax and release while the tuning forks work their vibrational magic to facilitate emotional and physical healing.

After sessions, her clients commonly report feeling lighter, clearer, happier and more energized.In her coaching sessions, Holly specializes in helping people find true health and inner wellbeing through shifting out of “ordinary mind” and into boundless ground of joy and abundance that awaits when we awaken to our true nature in awake awareness.

Holly’s certifications: Human Potential Coach (ACC), Biofield Tuning Practitioner, Subtle Energy Meditation teacher, NeuroMeditation Teacher, Usui Holy Fire Reiki MasterHolly is currently based in Lander, Wyoming and moving to California in July.

Holly's Sessions:

Sound Healing: Each of brings our own unique vibrational blueprint into the world – our song, as it were. However, this song can get lost in the noise of the muddy waters of life’s challenges. In these sessions we work to bring back “your song”. In these transformative healing sessions available at a distance anywhere in the world, you experience the therapeutic benefits of sound healing in a technique using tuning forks known as biofield tuning. The forks allow energy to flow more readily and the body’s natural healing process to take place, releasing physical and emotional pain and tension. Clients often report feel lighter, calmer, and clearer. Sessions are $180 for 60 minutes or $270 for 90 minutes

Human Potential Coaching: Ready to step out of “ordinary mind” and into a life of flow and ease? In 10 sessions we dive deep together in meditation and personal exploration as I support you to awaken to the ground of your being as whole, to heal the body and mind and to reclaim your birthright to a life of joy and ease. Neurotech-based meditation support is also available based on client wishes. The package of 10 sessions may include any combination of coaching, meditation, breathwork and sound healing based client preference. You also receive 1-30 minute emergency call, and email and text message support throughout our work together. 10 Session Package is $3333

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