Can I tell you my favorite "secret?" To lead the life we desire, we need the right amount of Qi. Qi is a natural phenomenon, a combo of matter/energy shared by everything in the universe. In our human dimension, it manifests as Health, Energy, Metabolism, Intention, Spirit. When Qi flows smoothly, health, energy and will power align to help you express your truth and beauty. That's really what health is - being able to manifest outwards your gifts and skills. That's my favorite "secret!"

I've been an acupuncturist/energy worker since 2009, working in 3 countries and giving more than 13,000 treatments. My studio is in Portugal. I love how health unlocks your capacity to live a life full of intention, joy and connection.

Hayley's Session:

During a session I check in energetically with your body-mind, guiding me to connect via Reiki, Craniosacral, Energetic Acupuncture, or a combo. This invites your Meridians to rediscover balance and work towards better health. It's common to feel relaxed! Afterwards I teach acupressure (a wonderful technique to support Qi). Your body-mind wants to experience harmony. It actively works for it and loves the attention you give to the process. Feeling good is what you're designed for!

Reviews for this practitioner:

I loved it! Hayley is a wonderful professional and I felt a good energy shift the next day when I woke up feeling more free and light. Hayley pointed to a problem I am dealing with and allowed me to release some stuck energies around it. I am very grateful and will soon do a session with her in Lisbon. Thank you!
April 22, 2022

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