Gilda lives in Maine, US. As a Certified HeartMath Coach and Certified HeartMath Trainer for individuals and organizations, Gilda works with women worldwide to transform negative mindsets and fears holding them back from developing and releasing personal and business potential. Her international performance experience, 25+ years of teaching/coaching experience, HeartMath tools and intuitive gifts have given her a rich foundation to help others in the areas of anxiety, stress management and negative internal dialogues. In working with clients, Gilda facilitates transformation through the use of HeartMath techniques and personal coaching allowing a person to access previously hidden insights and guidance.

Gilda's Sessions:

The 4 sessions entail coaching, and learning  a sequence of HeartMath Techniques to positively handle anxiety and stress not only in the moment, but during chronic situations as well. With practice, change occurs at a deep level, altering one's bodily reaction to stress. Scientific documentation shows how HeartMath techniques positively affect our bodies and minds, because of the profound physiological changes that occur.

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Package of 4 Sessions (60 Minutes Each Session): $680 USD